On March 17th, 2015, at the PPA, Major General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Thuat, Vice President of the PPA hosted the meeting and working with the delegation of Public Administration Committee of the Bavarian state Parliament, the Federal Republic of Germany led by Mrs. Ingrid Heckner, Chairman of Public Administration Committee, Bavarian state Parliament, the Federal Republic of Germany.

Bach Khoa Anti-virus Center (BKAV) reported that 1,600 computers in Vietnam had been infected with CTBLocker, a dangerous ransomware infection that decrypts files on computers and displays a so-called ransom warning.

Our country is incoming international integration, which is the golden chance for us to interact, exchange information and coordinate with nations in the world with a view to achieving an all-round development. Nonetheless, to reach this target, it requires the joint endeavor of the Party and the civilian, among which the Vietnamese student forces - the young scholars of the country need to pioneer and integrate confidently into the world. 

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