“The police training institutions that have not applied the outcome standards need to urgently research the experience of the People's Police Academy and the People’s Security Academy to build the outcome standards project and implement from the academic year 2015-2016” was the guiding instruction of Major General, Prof.Dr. Truong Giang Long, Deputy Director General of Building-up Force, President of the People’s Public Security Political Academy at the Preliminary Conference for 5-year implementation of outcome standards held by the PPA on September 11th, 2014.

The PPA is the first training institution within the universities of MPS implemented the project on program outcome standard. This is a new progressive step in improving the training quality of the PPA, contributing to building the Academy to become the key training institution of the MPS and the Nation. 

15 September 2014 - The illicit manufacture of methamphetamine has traditionally been concentrated in North America (primarily in Mexico and the United States) and East and South-East Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand), close to the major consumer markets. The latest UNODC's Global SMART Update study, however, shows that it has recently spread to other countries such as Guatemala, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.
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