1. Area

With an area of 12.3 hectare, PPA has been invested in the construction of modern facilities for the teaching, learning and living of staff, lecturers, employees and students.

At the same time, with the goal of building a regular university-level training facility of the PPA, focusing on specialized skills (anti-terrorism, riot, kidnapping, combat action on the field ...) in the direction of modern development, meeting the requirements of combating crimes in all situations, step by step integrating into the world by 2020. The Second Institution PPA - Ministry of Public Security has been approved by the People's Committee of Vinh Phuc province with planning area of 101.28 hectare located in 4 communes of Tam Duong district including Thanh Van, Dao Tu, Kim Long, Huong Dao.

2. The Administration building

The office of Directorate Board and functional units is a 9-floor building inaugurated in 2006, which ensures a working place for all staffs and teachers. The building is designed with modern furnished rooms, internal network, Internet…

3. Lecture Halls

At the moment, 100% of the working quarters, libraries, lecture halls, dormitories, students can connect to the internal network, the Internet via wired or wireless. The Academy has also equipped a high-speed server system for deploying intranet management software and training software under the credit course. Besides, the CCTV system in the lecture hall was also completed for the management, construction of online classrooms, building the e-learning lecture room project.

4. Specialized classrooms, training area

The Academy has a system of specialized classrooms for the Department of Police on Drug Crime Prevention and Suppression; Department of Traffic Police, Department of Forensic Science; Department of Foreign languages; Department of Informatics, Laboratories for specialized research.

- The e-shooting room: was installed on the area of 200m2 with the total cost of more than 24 billion VND, the work has been completed and put into use, serving the shooting training at the Academy. The Electronic Combat Field is equipped with a modern simulating shooting system capable of training shooters from basic to advanced levels with simulator guns including: simulated Glock 19, real Glock 19, simulator MP5 and shooting back system to put pressure on students. Moreover, there are also video and audio presentations, computerized control systems, laser receivers, display and control devices, report printers.

- Shooting field: meeting the increasing requirements of training, fire drill practice of officers, students of the Academy.

- The Department of Armed Police’s training ground to carry out anti-terrorism and riot exercises.

- Training and physical training area: martial arts hall, swimming pools,  gymnasiums with sports competitions (volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis court ...), stadium with 7m wide pit.

- Model Court Room: Judging sample trials instituted by the Academy; Judging mobile trial of real cases instituted by People’s Court at all levels.

5. Meeting hall system with a capacity of over 600 people

For meetings and group activities such as organizing conferences, studying resolutions, listening to news reports, performing culural shows.

6. 12-floor police-specialized library

With the attention and investment of the State and the Ministry of Public Security, in December 2011, the PPA started the construction of the 2-floor police-specialized Library with modern facilities to provide and update the scientific knowledge, for teaching and researching.

The library inaugurated Phase I on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Academy’s traditional day and the beginning of the academic year 2013-2014. In the first floor of the building, there is the statue of Le Quan - the first president of the People’s Police College. On the second floor, there is the Museum of the People's Police, the place where the images, documents and artifacts about development history of the Academy are displayed to teach generation of staffs, lecturers and students of tradition. The 5th, 6th,7th are used as a library, reading room, Ho Chi Minh room, religious studies room and room for archiving cultural information and specialization. The 9th, 10th are the e-library with a wide database system, serving the needs of research, study of officers, lecturers and students in the Academy, also in the force in the future via the Wan network - Ministry of Public Security.

7. The dormitories

Including 10 high buildings (from 5 to 12 floors) to provide boarding accommodation for all domestic and international students.

8. Canteen

Ensuring for staffs, teachers and students in the Academy, with modern food storage and processing facilities (boiler, insulation cabinet, quarantine system...). It is also capable of serving large conferences for catering needs.

9. Facilities for driving training

Including infrastructure such as: office building, administration building, garage, inspection center, parking lot. The driving test area is modernized by national standard.

10. Officers and students’ cultural, physical training sports facilities

Covering an area of 3000m2 located in the Academy. At present, there is a system of important works such as 03 artificial mini football pitches (with lights running to 10pm daily), 01 gym; Some works for living ... These structures are very practical, meeting and well serving the needs of physical training of officers and students in the Academy.

11. Relics with the mission of educating cultural tradition

* The monuments of President Ho Chi Minh and the Ministry of Public Security’s late minister through periods

The statues of President Ho Chi Minh and the late ministers of the Ministry of Public Security throughout the periods are located at the Academy square, located at the center of the school to express love, respect and remember the merit of great President Ho Chi Minh - the respected teacher and father of the People's Police and Ministers through the ages, having contributed to the construction and development of the Ministry of Public Security.

* Pano image area “A corner of the motherland”

The PPA has around 16,000 staffs, lecturers, employees and students from various rural areas across the country. Each person brings in his own cultural identity of each region with a deep love and nostalgia. Therefore, in 2009, the PPA collected and displayed 63 beautiful pictures of natural scenery, historical relics of 63 provinces and cities throughout the country, surrounding the campus to educate about loving the land where they was born and grow up as well as evoking pride in the beauty of the homeland in the hearts of staff, lecturers and students.

* National sovereignty territory area

Building and defending territorial sovereignty and national borders is an important content of the national construction and defense cause and is the responsibility of the People's Police Force in general and the officers of the PPA in particular right the time being a cadet. Especially in the context of complicated island situation, the assertion of island sovereignty as well as the love education for the  sea homeland is one of the political tasks that the PPA really focus. In 2011, the Academy built a miniature National Sovereign Park with models: Vietnam S-shaped land strip, Sovereignty model of Truong Sa archipelago, Truong Sa - Khanh Hoa stone, Lung Cu - Ha Giang stone, Dat Mui - Ca Mau sand, Con Dao - Ba Ria Vung Tau sand, Ly Son Island - Quang Ngai sand. The work of National Sovereign Park has been completed with great significance in educating the sovereignty and territorial integrity and contributing to fostering and cultivating the Fatherland's love for each student of the Academy. This is the only National Sovereignty Park in Vietnam that is full of land, rock, sand and famous landmarks of the country.

On May 12th, 2011, the PPA received the "Spratly Islands’ Sovereignty Stone" awarded by the Marine Corps Command and placed solemnly in the National Sovereignty area. The Sovereignty Stone of the Spratly Islands is a coral rock taken from the Spratly Islands, a symbol of the sovereignty of Vietnam on the sea, which is created over millions years of nature’s movement. It symbolizes vigorous, intense life along with time, standing at the head of wind waves. Especially, the National sovereignty territory area of the Academy has recently received the golden sand of the Paracel Islands by the people of Ly Son Island and Quang Ngai Provincial Police taken from Paracel Islands, donating to the Academy. These meaningful gifts will help every student to better understand their sense of responsibility in the cause of national defense.

* The Temple of Literature at the PPA

Being built in 2012, the Temple of Literature is modeled on the sample of Hanoi’s. This is the first Temple of Literature to be built in a university or institute in Vietnam. This is a typical cultural project at the PPA which was supported by D2 course (1976-1981) and the police of local units; contributing to the traditional education of fondness of his father for the future police officers of the country in the period of international integration, while promoting all cadres, lecturers and students constantly strive to emulate learning, training, researching science to improve the quality of education and training at the Academy.

The Temple of Literature at the PPA includes the Constellation of Literature pavilion with the correct size at Hanoi’s model - symbolizing the vision of education and bearing the spirit of study encouragement of Vietnamese people. Next is the garden with greenery, lake and peninsula to create space, landscape harmony.

Located on the main campus of the Temple of Literature is the “Thai Hoc House”, two Steal of Doctors placed on the body of two large stone turtles engraved with famous words “The talented is the spirit of the nation” of Than Nhan Trung and historical milestones in the process of building and development of the Academy. At the inside of the Temple of Literature, locating the statue of Chu Van An, who is recognized as the "Great Teacher of the World", made of 1.5 tons pure bronze by the General, Prof. Dr. Tran Dai Quang, Minister of Public Security donated to the school. The Temple of Literature of the PPA is one of the most cultural constructions with the meanings of education and spirit.

In this place, the Academy holds important educational event such as: recognition of professor, associate professor, doctorate… This is also the place where generations of officers, lecturers and students of the PPA offer flowers, incense to honor to Chu Van An teacher with achievements in education and training. When the Tet comes, this is also a place for the “word - giving”, which is the beauty of thousands of years - to express the good wishes of cadres, lecturers and students of the PPA.

* The Vietnamese Ethnic Costume Showroom

Locating beside The Temple of Literature of the PPA is the “The Vietnamese Ethnic Costume Showroom”, which was constructed in late 2012 on the area of 127m2 by the former students of the D3 course (1977- 1982) and Lao Cai Provincial Police donated to the school. The traditional costume display of Vietnamese people is considered to be a meaningful cultural work celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Academy's traditional day.

The Vietnamese Ethnic Costume Showroom is a cultural space that preserves traditional costumes and artifacts of ethnic groups, expressing the richness and diversity of Vietnam’s multi-ethnic culture. This is also a lively visual aids for educating the spirit of solidarity among ethnic groups, helping officers and students in the PPA to study and learn about Vietnamese culture.

With the help and support of the police units, locals and Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, the mini Ethonology Museum of the Academy has collected 54 full sets of traditional costumes and displayed, arranged in the floor space of the Tay (Lao Cai). This is the only museum with enough costumes of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.

* Historical stone stele at the station of the Academy from 1968 to 1990 at Suoi Hai, Ba Vi, Hanoi

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the PPA (15/05/1968 - 15/05/2013), received the Fatherland Defense Order and the opening of new academic year 2013 - 2014, with the consent of the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security, the support and facilitating from General Department of Criminal Sentence Enforcement and Judicial Assistance, the support of Suoi Hai prison, also the donation from D1 course (1975-1980), in 2013, the PPA started the construction of a commemorative stele project at Suoi Hai, Ba Vi, Hanoi, on the area of 400m2 in a space harmonized with the natural landscape of the land.

The building consists of three main sections: the monumental grounds, the main pedestal and the commemorative stele marking the memorable landmarks of the first stage of the Academy's development and growth from 1968 to 1990. It was a difficult journey, but very proud, because from the simple school on the Suoi Hai that day, there were thousands of officers, non-commissioned officers graduated from the school, served the country and the people. Also from that simple school, generations of officers and students have grown up in the cause of protecting political security and maintaining social order and safety. So far, there have been many comrades holding the important position of the Party, State and Public Security force, contributing to the school's achievements.

With the meaning of "Gratitude is the sign of noble souls," the work is one of the prestigious addresses contributing to the traditional education of remembering the source for generations of cadets, lecturers and students of the PPA. On the glorious history of our father's past, we found our responsibility today in the cause of building the Academy, becoming a key Institute of the force and of the State. This is also a place for generations of teachers, students to review the memories of a school, strived and grew under the school in previous years.

* The statue of Le Quan teacher

When mentioning to the generations of teachers PPA, it fail to mention teacher Le Quan, the first headmaster of the People's Police School - now the PPA. Mr. Le Quan was Head of the People’s Police Department and People’s Police Branch of the Central Police School in 6 years. Although not long, it captured the important milestones of the PPA, which laid the foundations for the formation and development of the Academy today. From here, the Ministry of Public Security and the Vietnam People's Police have established a school to train cadres independently, step by step asserting its place in the national education and training system in general and education and training of the police in particular; contributing to training the human resources of the People's Police serving the protection of socialism in the North, providing for the Southern battlefield.

To express the deep gratitude of the generations of officers, teachers and students of the PPA to Mr. Le Quan, the Academy built the bust of the Principal solemnly placed at the lobby of the library. The statue was donated by the General, Prof. Dr. Tran Dai Quang - Minister of Public Security, which was made in Lam Town, Y Yen District, Nam Dinh Province, considered one of the cradles of bronze casting in our country. The creation of Mr. Le Quan’s bust, will contribute to the traditional education for generations of officers, lecturers and students.

* Sculpture Gallery of Extraordinary Wood

On the first floor of the 12-floor Library is presenting the typical sculptures of more than 200 original artworks from rootstock material by Major General, Composer, Sculptor Tran Gia Cuong, Director of the International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Public Security composed during 40 years of military service. The display area is named "Extraordinary Wood" containing the crystallization of time, even millions of years, through rain and sunshine, storms passed and  left on the trunk of strands, fiber Wood, making the difference that other materials such as cement, iron, steel, earth, stone ... do not have.

The exhibition area is aimed at introducing officers, lecturers and students of the PPA as well as friends inside and outside the country to another beauty of the police officer, to have a better understanding of the image of the police officer through the lens of cultural art, which is very close to daily’s life.

* The People’s Police Academy Museum

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Academy's traditional day, The Party Committee and The Directorate Board of the Academy have also focused on building the Museum of the People's Police Academy, located on the second floor of the 12-floor library. Being built on the combination of the traditional rooms of the Academy and the People’s Police’s Museum, it is a cultural-historical work of great magnitude with the glorious traditions of the Academy and the force.

The Museum of the PPA is structured in three parts and two major themes according to milestones dating back to 1962. This is the place to display the images, materials, artifacts about the history of the formation and development of the Academy, in order to contribute to the traditional education for generations of officers, teachers and students, especially the youth. In addition, the Museum also displays valuable images and materials on the development history of the People's Police Force, thus affirming the great contributions of the Academy in the cause of security and order protection of the country. This is also an intuitive aid for teaching and learning subjects: History of People’s Police Force, building force ... Especially, the Academy is investing in building school museum, displaying tools and means of crime for students to study.

* Ho Chi Minh Chamber

The Ho Chi Minh Chamber holds about 637 documents, equivalent to 1182 articles about the identity, life and career of President Ho Chi Minh - the great leader, hero of national liberation, cultural celebrity and about the leaders of the Party and State through the ages, including General Vo Nguyen Giap. In addition, the Chamber of Ho Chi Minh are furnished with modern equipment such as DVD player, television screen... so that staffs, lecturers and students can access not only printed materials but also image materials lively about the venerable leader. The entire cost of building the Ho Chi Minh Chamber was donated by D4 course (1978-1983).

* Religious Research Room

The Religious Research Room provides useful information on the various religions of the world to serve the teaching and research of security and order. Currently, the Religious Research Room holds about 784 documents equivalent to 1649 books. Especially, the Religious Research Room also displays the costumes of six main religions recognized by the state, such as Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestant, Caodaism, Hoa Hao, Islam... and tapes, images of the religious activities, which enable officers, lecturers and students of the Academy to approach, visualize and study more deeply about these religions.

During the 5 years of construction, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Academy’s traditional day, the works bearing historical marks and traditional cultural education have basically been completed and are contributing significantly to the education for staffs, lecturers and students of the Academy.

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