• MPS releases book on milestones of the People's Police Force’s 60-year history

    The Public Security Department of Science, Strategy and History (Public Security Institute of History) under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has just released the book "60 years of the People's Police Force - Historical Events (1962 - 2022)".

  • The protection of national security and social order and safety in the new situation

    The development of the national security and social order protection movement plays an important role in the era of national modernization and industrialization, building up the socialist-oriented market economy.

  • Traffic order and safety in 5 Municipalities - Realities and solutions

    Traffic order and safety is an orderly social state formed and regulated by the law in the field of public transportation, which ensuring smooth, safe and orderly traffic, minimizing accidents. Ensuring traffic order and safety is a basic requirement and task of every country. It is a necessary condition for economic development, consolidation of security and national defense and social order.

  • Book Review: Protection of national security and social order in the new situation

    Increasing the protection of national security and social order plays an important role in the period of accelerating national industrialization and modernization, and building a Socialist-oriented market economy.       

  • Preventing and participating in solving "hot spot" of People’s Police force - Theoretical and practical issues

    Implementing the renovation policy initiated and led by our Party, we have got many important achievements in fields of politics, economy, culture and society. The people's life has been gradually improved. The country has changed deeply and comprehensively. However, due to different causes, there are complex problems that affect security and order. Conflicts within the people and crime situation, social evils are complicated.

  • Book set: Vietnamese Criminal Science

    Criminal investigation is one of the important professional tasks of the People’s Public Security in the fight against crime, keeping security and order of the country. This is not only a heavy, difficult, complex task but also a science, "art" in the process of solving the case. It has a multifaceted, multi-dimensional influential relationship with policies, laws, political life of the people, organizations and capacity, qualification of crime investigators. 

  • Book set: Vietnamese Reconnaissance Science

    Recently, scientists in the Public Security sector have paid much attention to researching, reviewing and publicizing many scientific works on the reconnaissance work of the People's Public Security force in the form of articles, scientific themes, summary reports, monograph books and professional textbooks in the People's Public Security training institutions. The fact shows that it is necessary to systematically study and collect the scientific works on the reconnaissance operations of the People's Public Security, contribute to perfecting the reconnaissance profession theory and raising the effectiveness of the fight against hostile forces and criminals to protect security and order.

  • Book set: Vietnamese Public Security Science

    Public Security Science which researches struggle for ensuring national security, social order and safety, has become familiar with and close to People’s Public Security officers and other law enforcement agencies in Vietnam. There have been many scientific studies on specialized Public Security science and presenting generally the basic contents of the socialist Public Security science and initially construct the Public Vietnamese Security science.


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