• Functions and Mission

    The People's Police Academy is amulti disciplinary institution; responsible for training and retraining cadres with graduate, master and doctoral degrees; Fostering the titles and profession for cadres, leaders and commanders of the people's police force and the Ministry of Public Security; Fostering teachers for the People's Police schools; Participating in defense education and security; Carrying out foreign affairs and international cooperation on education and training under the Minister's plan; PPA is the scientific research center of the People's Police Force, playing a pivotal role in the development of the People's Police Schools.

  • Vision

    Strive for building the PPA becoming the key education institutions of Vietnam, the leading training center for police of ASEAN by the time of 2020.

  • Facilities

    Going through over 48 years of building and growing, the PPA now has a large-scale modern infrastructure.

  • Organizational structure of the PPA

    Established in 1968 with the title of “People police school” at Ba Vi district, Ha Tay province, after 45 years of building and developing, the PPA is becoming a high-quality police training academy of the Ministry of Public Security and the country. To gain this achievement thanks to a strong and powerful organizational structure including:

  • The People's Police Academy: 15 year of postgraduate training

    In 1992, The People Public Security the first foundation of the Ministry of Public Security being assigned with the postgraduate training task by the State. This is an important point marking the grownup on both the quality and the The People's Police Academy.

  • History of the Vietnamese People's Police Academy

    Each of our forward steps is full of difficulties and challenges. The period of 40 years is not a very long time in comparision with the country's history of development, but it is long enough to value the great intellectual and enthusiastic contributions of our many teachers' anh students' generations.


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