10 highlights of foreign affairs and international cooperation activities of the year 2022 of People's Police Academy
     For the first time, 02 officers of the People's Police Academy (PPA) participated in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UNPKO), actively contributing to the implementation of the Project on the Vietnamese People's Public Security force participates in the UN peacekeeping operations

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) deployed the first officers to the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions, marking a significant milestone in 2022. In August 2022, State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc presented the decision to 04 officers assigned to UN peacekeeping missions. Among those officers, 02 officers from the PPA received the decision and are currently deploying to the UN peacekeeping missions in the United Nations at the UN Headquarters in New York and the UN Mission in South Sudan.

In addition, under the direction of Project on the Vietnamese People's Public Security force participates in UN peacekeeping operations, in January 2022, the PPA collaborated with the MPS Standing Office on Peacekeeping Operations and the Department of Peacekeeping Operations - The Ministry of Defense to successfully organise a pre-deployment training course on UN Peacekeeping Operations. In addition, many officers of the PPA have participated in training courses on peacekeeping operations abroad and internationally. Participation in these courses creates favourable conditions for PPA in particular, and for MPS in general, to develop a training program, to train qualified officers in line with international standards, and together with the Ministry of National Defense to carry out the tasks entrusted by the Party and the Government to participate in peacekeeping missions, contribute to the peace, stability and order in the world.

State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc and MPS's Minister To Lam presented the decision and flowers to 04 officers assigned to UN Peacekeeping Missions
PPA congratulated to 02 officers joining to UN police force
PPA's Officers participated in UN Certified Instructor Development Course on Peacekeeping Operations in Indonesia

     The PPA cooperates with counterparts from the United Kingdom to successfully and effectively implement many capacity-building projects in crime prevention and control 

During a working visit to Vietnam in August 2022, Mr. Matthew Rycroft, Permanent Secretary, UK Home Office affirmed that "The UK and Vietnam are important strategic partners and we look forward to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 2023". After official working sessions with Vietnam MPS's leaders, through the report on cooperation activities between the Vietnam MPS and UK Home Office, Mr. Matthew Rycroft led a UK delegation paid a visit to the PPA. At the meeting, the UK Permanent Secretary highly appreciated the results of cooperation activities with the British partners in recent years, such as the cooperation with the British Embassy in Hanoi in implementing surveys, developing training materials and organising training courses on the following topics: prevention and combat of human trafficking; collection of electronic evidence; improving English language capacity for staff working in foreign affairs... These are cooperative activities that not only actively contribute to the education and training of the PPA, but also help improve the capacity of law enforcement officers of Vietnam, contributing to improving the efficiency of cooperation between Vietnam and the UK in the fight against crime. During the discussion session, the two sides agreed to continue to implement the activities on crime prevention and control effectively. The UK side will always support and cooperate with the Vietnam MPS in general and the PPA in particular in the coming time.

PPA received the official visit of Permanent Secretary, UK Home Office

   The PPA implements cooperation activities on police training within the framework of ASEAN National Police (ASEANAPOL)

The Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam successfully organised the 29th Joint Asean Senior Police Officers Course (the 29th JASPOC) in June 2022. This is a significant activity in the series of events hosted by Vietnam as the 29th Chairman of the ASEAN National Police (ASEANAPOL). The participants in the training highly appreciated the course's content and structure. Within the training program, the leaders of the ASEAN Senior Police had a working session with the People's Police Academy to exchange experiences in education and training, particularly in training for international students of various educational levels. During the English-only debate session, international delegates acknowledged and appreciated the quality of training and education provided by the People's Police Academy, thereby improving the PPA's position and image in the eyes of international colleagues.

Leaders of ASEAN Senior Police as participants of the 29th JASPOC course paid visit and a working session at the People's Police Academy

    Strengthen cooperation with international and regional advanced training institutions

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic's influence, the PPA's international cooperation activities with law enforcement training institutions in the region and the world have flourished in aspects such as high-level delegation exchanges, student exchanges, and cooperation in scientific research. International partners particularly appreciate the synchronicity, thoroughness, and efficiency of cooperation activities performed by PPA, therefore, contributing to the improvement of the PPA's training and education quality by boosting the professional capacity and foreign language fluency for officers, lecturers, and cadets. Several highlighted activities as follows:  Receiving official visits of high-ranking delegations of the Royal Thai Police Academy (August 2022) and the Korea National Police University (October 2022); Nominating PPA officers to visit and work in the UNODC Office in Austria, the Technical University of Prague in the Czech Republic; and attending the International Conference organised by the Volgograd Academy. The activities of delegation exchange with international partners have contributed to establishing a solid foundation for annual collaboration between the PPA and its partners while actively seeking and expanding international cooperation with new partners.

PPA welcomed the delegation of the Royal Thai Police Cadet Academy

 PPA welcomed the delegation of the Korea National Police University

     Affirming the PPA's position as a professional and reliable partner for numerous international organisations and foreign police agencies in building and improving the capacity of law enforcement forces 

People's Public Security training institutions, especially the PPA, currently have paid great attention to preventing crimes such as human trafficking, drug offences, and violence against women and children. These issues are urgent tasks that require continual enhancement of crime investigation, prosecution, and adjudication. On this basis, the PPA has established active relationships with international organisations, conducted projects of compiling training materials and conducting joint scientific research, and organised six training courses on preventing and countering crime. For example, cooperation with the Vietnam UNODC Office to modify and publish the material titled "Violence against Women"; in March 2022, the two parties held a handover ceremony and a pilot training course on the prevention and counter violence against women for officers, lecturers and cadets of the PPA. The success of these activities is a crucial prerequisite for UNODC and the PPA to continue implementing training activities for police officers at grass-roots levels in Can Tho City in July 2022 and to aim to replicate the training model in other regions in the near future. In addition to training courses on countering violence against women, the PPA and Viet Nam UNODC Office successfully hosted a regional training course on precursors and their use in illicit drug production in November 2022. The PPA also collaborated with the ASEAN- Australia Counter Trafficking in Vietnam (ASEAN-ACT) and the Regional Support Office of the Bali Process (RSO) to organise three training courses on preventing and countering human trafficking. These activities have strengthened the capabilities of officers, lecturers, and cadets of the PPA, as well as local officers in provincial police departments and other police training institutions. The abovementioned success affirmed the PPA's role in providing training and education for national and international law enforcement forces.

Handover ceremony of the material "Preventing Violence Against Women"
Regional training course on precursors and their use in illicit drug production
Training course on countering human trafficking jointly organised by the ASEAN-ACT and the PPA
Training course on "Preventing violence against women and girls" for local police officers of Can Tho City

      PPA contributes to the development of the special diplomatic friendship between Vietnam and Laos

The year 2022 marked the 60th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Laos (05/9/1962 - 5/9/2022) and the 45th anniversary of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation signing between Vietnam and Laos (18/7/1977 - 18/7/2022). During the year, PPA has carried out many meaningful activities to strengthen and cultivate great friendship relations between two countries, two parties and the peoples of Viet Nam and Laos. Some of the highlights in 2022 are as follows: Welcoming the high-ranking delegation of the People's Police Academy of Lao PDR; Cooperating with the Embassy of Lao PDR in Hanoi to successfully organise an international friendship football tournament in September 2022; Organising cultural exchange and sports programs for cadets from various educational levels of the Lao's Ministry of Public Security studying at the PPA on the occasion of Bunpimay Traditional New Year, National Day of Lao People's Democratic Republic and other anniversaries of the two countries.

PPA welcomed the official visit of the Lao People's Police Academy
Col.Assoc.Prof.Dr Tran Hong Quang, Vice President of the PPA addressed at the opening ceremony of the Friendship Football Tournament
Delegates presented tournament pennants and flowers to football teams
Cultural exchange activities between Vietnamese and Lao students on Bunpimay


    PPA signed cooperation agreements and maintained cooperation with traditional counterparts

To further strengthen the relationship between PPA and law enforcement training institutions of the Russian Federation, as well as promote cooperation activities in police training and scientific research. In October 2022, the PPA's Delegation paid an official visit to the Russian Federation and attended various activities with counterparts. Such as participating in the International Conference: "Experience and Tradition in Police Training" at Volgograd Academy, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation; Having a meeting and working session with representatives of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam in Russia, Vietnamese students at M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. In particular, the PPA delegation paid a working visit and signed a cooperation agreement with the Academy of Law and Management, the Russian Federal Judgment Enforcement Agency. The Cooperation Agreement is the key to opening up cooperation activities in education and scientific research between the two universities in the coming time. This activity is one of the PPA's important international cooperation activities in 2022.

The signing ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement between the PPA and the Academy of Law and Management, the Russian Federal Judgment Enforcement Agency
The delegation with representatives of students and postgraduates at Moscow State University, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
The PPA paid an official visit to the Volgograd Academy, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

   PPA actively participated and contributed to various multilateral cooperation forums

Throughout 2022, the PPA has participated and made numerous positive contributions to multilateral cooperation forums. At the online 6th Annual Conference of the Association of Police Training Institutions in Asia (APTA) in August 2022, the PPA was entrusted by 15 members with the position of Vice President of APTA in the 2022-2023 term. Being elected as the Vice President of APTA hold significant meaning to the PPA as the PPA will celebrate the 55th anniversary of PPA's establishment in 2023. In September 2022, the PPA attended the 11th Annual Conference of the International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA) hosted by the Bangladeshi Police College in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here, the Academy had a presentation introducing itself and obtained much positive feedback and invitations to exchange information for cooperation in training, notably suggestions for a deeper understanding to reach a cooperation memorandum between the Bangladeshi Police College and the Uzbekistan MIA Academy.

PPA delegation participating in the 6th Annual Conference of APTA
PPA delegate presented at the 11th INTERPA Conference


     PPA successfully organised international scientific seminars and conferences 

The PPA has cooperated with international partners to strengthen cooperative activities relating to scientific research, create opportunities for officers, lecturers and cadets to exchange professional knowledge, and as a result, develop optimal solutions to preventing and countering criminal activities. In 2022, the PPA cooperated with international partners successfully organising 04 seminars and conferences, especially: the International Conference on Management of Drug Precursors - Experiences of International and Vietnamese Police Force; the Scientific Seminar on Cybersecurity in Vietnam... The seminars and conferences garnered numerous evaluations and in-depth analyses from leading officers, scientists and professionals both from inside and outside of the nation and, consequently, shared valuable suggestions and solutions relevant to the topic, as well as provided directions regarding scientific research and education of the PPA. The success in organising seminars and conferences was highly appreciated and recognised by the Ministry of Public Security, international partners and participants. Notably, the PPA cooperated with UNODC Office to successfully organising the international scientific Conference: "Management of Drug Precursors - Experiences of International and Vietnamese Police Force" with more than 100 participants, domestic and foreign professionals from specialised units of the Ministry of Public Security, local units and law enforcement from various countries in South East Asia. It is the first international Conference organised by the PPA in both online and offline format after two years of Covid-19. Therefore, not only did the Conference hold great importance in scientific research, but it is also the key to kickstarting subsequent conferences and forums of the PPA in the time to come.

Participants of the international scientific Conference on Management of Drug Precursors - Experiences of International and Vietnamese Police Force
Participants of the scientific seminar on Cybersecurity in Vietnam

     Many PPA cadets applied successfully to international undergraduate scholarship programs, participated in the exchange student program at prestigious training institutions in the region and around the world 

In the duration of 2020-2021, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the participation of officers, lecturers and cadets in study and exchange programs in countries around the world had been suspended to ensure the requirements of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control. In 2022, after the pandemic was under control, the PPA sent 17 cadets to participate in training programs at prestigious international-recognised training institutions. Twelve students are participating in the undergraduate programs in the Russian Federation and Hungary under the International Agreement (Government) scholarship program in 2022; 02 students are studying the undergraduate program at the Royal Thai Police Cadet Academy, and 03 cadets are participating in the international semester program at Korean National Police University. Cadets had great opportunities to experience international learning environments at foreign law enforcement training institutions and to exchange and learn about the culture of other countries; at the same time, they could cultivate specialised knowledge and enhance foreign language skills. This is also an opportunity for PPA cadets to show their bravery, confidence and knowledge, thereby promoting the image of the PPA to police training institutions in the region and around the world.

03 PPA cadets participated in the international semester at Korean National Police University
02 cadets started their undergraduate training program at the Royal Thai Police Cadet Academy
PPA cadets participating in the undergraduate training program at training institutions of the Russian Federation


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