• International Cooperation Division

    International Cooperation Division was established in accordance with Decision No. 5592 / QD-BCA dated 9th October 2013 by the Minister of Public Security. The Division works to advise and assist the President of the Academy in carrying out the foreign relations and international cooperation at the People's Police Academy in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the Party, the State and the Ministry of Public Security.

  • International cooperation for the goal of enhancing education quality

    Since its foundation up to now, with 47 years of constructing, improving and maturing, the People’s Police Academy (PPA) has been making great strides, contributing many achievements for education of the nation in general and of the Public Security force in particular. At the moment, the PPA is striving to be a Key University Education Institution with a large number of highly qualified lecturers, faculties, the largest training scale and the best facilities of all Public Security schools.


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