People's Police Academy makes a significant mark at the Police Academy Student Festival in Asia and the International Undergraduate Conference on Policing

*** The 2023 Police Academy Student Festival in Asia (PASFA)

The PASFA, which has been consistently hosted by KNPU since 2016, experienced a successful resurgence following a temporary hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From September 18th to 25th, 2023, a PPA delegation, consisting of six members, including three cadets currently participating in an exchange student semester at KNPU, had the privilege to participate in this prestigious event.

A group photo of all delegates at the Opening Ceremony of the Festival

The 2023 PASFA witnessed active involvement from more than 40 participants representing eight Asian Police Training Institutions. These institutions included the National Police Academy of Indonesia, the National University of Mongolia, the National Police College of the Philippines, Qatar Police College, the National Police Academy of Sri Lanka, the Royal Thai Police Cadet Academy, the KNPU, and the PPA of Vietnam.

Cadet Nguyen Cat Tuong - representing all the delegates - delivered a speech at the Opening Ceremony of the 2023 PASFA

The PASFA's comprehensive program featured APTA's main events such as the International Undergraduate Conference on Policing (IUCP) and the APTA General Assembly Annual Meeting. Additionally, KNPU arranged various engaging extracurricular activities, such as crime scene investigation practical exercises, shooting training at an electronic shooting range, Taekwondo classes, participation in the traditional student festival of KNPU, and visits to cultural and historical landmarks in the Republic of Korea.

Cadet Ngo Linh Nga experienced a shooting practice session at the KNPU shooting range 

*** International Undergraduate Conference on Policing (IUCP - a research paper competition for undergraduate police students in Asia) 

On September 20, 2023, the final round of the 2023 IUCP took place at KNPU. Representing PPA, a team of two cadets, Nguyen Cat Tuong (B16D47) and Ngo Linh Nga (B11D47), presented their prepared research paper titled "The Causes of Cyber Fraud - A Study Analyzed from Routine Activity Theory in Hanoi, Vietnam." There were six best papers from five police universities/academies in Asia selected by the IUCP board of judges for the final round.

Two cadets of the PPA performed their presentation as part of the competition 

In the final results, the PPA team was honored with the Third Prize, sharing the distinction with the Royal Thai Police Academy. The awards were as follows: First Prize went to the National Police Academy of Indonesia for their paper titled "Luxury Items within Budget: The Counterfeit Goods Trade in Southeast Asia," while the Second Prize was awarded to Team 1 of the National Police College of the Philippines. Additionally, participation awards were granted to KNPU and Team 2 of the National Police College of the Philippines.

The board of IUCP Judges presented awards to the best research papers of the 2023 IUCP 

The IUCP is a pivotal student-focused event within the framework of APTA activities, consistently hosted by KNPU since 2015. This event exclusively caters to Asian police students, particularly those from police training institutions at the Bachelor's level, and attracts high-quality research papers covering diverse topics related to policing. PPA's participation in the 2023 IUCP marks its fifth consecutive involvement. In prior years, PPA students have earned top honors, with two First Prizes (in 2019 and 2020) and two Second Prizes (in 2017 and 2018). This consistent success underscores the institution's commitment to developing and training high-quality police personnel, highlighting the caliber of education offered at PPA.

Participation in international exchange programs and competitions like PASFA and IUCP not only enhances students' knowledge and professional skills but also fosters personal growth. It provides valuable learning opportunities from reputable police training institutions across the region and further solidifies PPA's commitment to international engagement efforts.



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