Functions and Mission

1. Training officers with graduate, master and doctoral degrees for police units, localities and social demands according to the regulations of the State and the Minister.

2. Organizing the fostering of titles and professional for cadres, leaders, commanders of the people's police force and the Ministry of Public Security; Organizing the training of teachers and educational administrators for the People's Police schools according to the regulations of the Minister.

3. Taking part in the mission of national defense education and security for officials, leaders and commanders; Planned officials to be commanders in the People's Public Security Forces according to regulations and the assignment of competent authorities.

4. Participating in the study and elaboration of the program for graduate, master and doctoral training according to regulations; Responsible for studying, elaborating training programs and compiling teaching materials for branches and majors in graduate, master and doctoral training for the People's Police; Proposing directions and orientations for research and development of curricula, compiling textbooks and teaching materials for the branches of the People's Police Collegue and downward.

5. Responsible for researching and formulating strategies, programs, plans and measures to organize the training and retraining of cadres according to the requirements of tasks and combat work and building the People's Public Security forces. Reporting to The Minister to decide and organize the implementation.

6. Studying to develop and promulgate outcome standards for each branch, specialized training of the Institute. To self-assess the training quality and be subject to the accreditation of educational quality by competent agencies.

7. Summing up the practice of teaching, learning, training management and scientific research in order to perfect and renovate the objectives, contents, programs and training methods, along with the practice of working, fighting, building the people's police force.

8. Being responsible and coordinating with the concerned units in performing scientific tasks on profession theory and other domains relating to the work of ensuring social order and safety, crime prevention and combat as prescribed.

9. Deciding on the appointment of professors and associate professors who have been recognized as meeting the criteria for the titles of professor and associate professor, teaching and training titles as well as other titles according to the regulation of the State and the Minister.

10. Organizing printing, publishing textbooks, teaching materials, People's Police Magazine; Managing on teaching materials and organizing the scientific information work in service of teaching, study and scientific research of lecturers, administrators and learners according to the regulations of the State and the Ministers.

11. Studying and proposing plans and organizing the implementation of international cooperation tasks and cooperation with schools, agencies and organizations outside the police service in training and fostering of cadres, lecturers and researchers according to the regulations of the Minister.

12. Performing the tasks of the Ministry of Public Security's war reserve units according to regulations.

13. Participating in building lines and policies of the Party, laws of the State and regulations of the Ministry of Public Security on the protection of national security, ensuring social order and safety, fighting against crime; Advising the Minister on the issues of theoretical, scientific, policy, strategy and solutions for national security protection, social order and safety and the fight against crime.

14. Carrying out other tasks relating to the training and fostering officials of the Academy assigned by the Minister of Public Security.

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