1.1. Mission

The People's Police Academy is an interdisciplinary public higher education institution in the national education system under the Ministry of Public Security; carry out the mission of training with bachelor, master and PhD’s degree; improve professional knowledge and specialist ability of cadres, leaders and commanders of the People's police force, as well as the Ministry of Public Security; foster the title for teachers of the People's Police schools; have security and military education; conduct foreign affairs and international cooperation on education according to the Minister's guidance; as a research center of the people’s police force has a pivotal role for the development’s schools of MPS.

1.2. Vision

Strive for building the PPA becoming the key education institutions of Vietnam, the leading training center for police of ASEAN by the time of 2020.

1.3. Core values

Promoting the 50-years tradition of building and growing, the cultural identity and the philosophy of development of the PPA has been shaped by core values:

High quality - Pioneer - Integration- Sustainable development

1.4. Action Motto

"Traditional promotion – solidarity, consensus for comprehensive innovation - towards the future"

Theme of the year 2016-2017: "Standardization, Computerization, Modernization" 

- Standardization in training target and program; officers and lecturers.

- Computerization in organizing and managing, teaching, exchange science information.

- Modernization in facilities

* The Action Slogan: "4 Emulations, 3 Breakthroughs"

- “4 Emulations: in managing, teaching and learning, researching, practising, serving.

- “3 Breakthroughs”: in developing Party commitees, lecturers and researchers, facilities.

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