Vietnamese People’s Police Academy and Royal Thai Police Cadet Academy commit to enhance comprehensive partnership and cooperation
Leaders of the PPA took a group photo with the delegation

The working visit is the annual cooperation activity between PPA and RPCA in the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2008.

 Major General, Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Huong, President of the PPA welcomed the RPCA delegation

Before the meeting, the RPCA delegation paid a courtesy visit to Major General, Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Huong, President of the PPA and made a short tour to the facilities and cultural works of the PPA.

 Major General Sutthi Phuangphikun presented souvenir to Major General, Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Huong

At the official working session, Major General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang introduced the delegation about the history of Vietnamese People's Police Academy, training scale and outstanding features in the field of international cooperation. Currently, the PPA has been cooperating in education and training with 25 international agencies and organizations in order to improve the qualifications of PPA officers, lecturers and students.

 Overview of the official meeting

The PPA Vice President also informed the RPCA delegation about the developments of the cooperative relationship between the PPA and the RPCA. Since the establishment of formal relations in 2008, with the permission of the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, the PPA and the RPCA have conducted a number of cooperative activities such as: exchanging high-ranking delegations, exchanging students to attend short-term training courses, exchanging delegations to attend conferences and workshops, etc. These cooperation activities between the two sides have achieved many positive results, contributing to improving the quality of police training, strengthening knowledge and experience for officers, lecturers and students of the two Academies.

Major General, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang spoke at the meeting

The cooperation activities between the two sides will be promoted in accordance with the contents of the signed MoU, namely:

- In the working visit to the RPCA of the PPA in 2019, it is expected that the two schools will sign a new Memorandum of Understanding on education and training to conform to the general regulations of the two training institutions and the real cooperative situation in the coming time.

- The two sides continue to promote in-depth cooperation programs, achieve greater efficiency, give more supports to exchange programs of officers, lecturers and students with the aims of scientific research, participating in short-term training courses.

- 04 Vietnamese students studying at RPCA will complete the bachelor training program and return to Vietnam for working in 2020 as expected. After they finish the training course, the PPA emphasizes the wish that the RPCA would continue to receive the PPA students to study the graduate and postgraduate training programs in Thailand.

- The two sides will research and jointly organize scientific workshop in Vietnam or in Thailand, give the best conditions for officers and lecturers to write scientific articles and publish in scientific journals of each side.

The PPA presented the souvenirs to the delegation

At the meeting, the two sides discussed and consented to expand cooperation to share experiences in crime prevention and suppression, contributing to development the friendly cooperative relations between the two States.

After working session, the RPCA delegation visited some famous places in Hanoi, Ha Nam and Quang Ninh provinces.

The delegation visited Tam Chuc pagoda, Ha Nam province

The delegation took a trip to Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh province


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