Regular training at the People's Police Academy

1. Scale of training

From 1975 up to now, the PPA has organized 42 graduated courses with nearly 17,000 students, of which 37 courses graduated with over 12,000 students.

2. Majors and specialties training

In the early years assigned to the university training, the Academy conducted classes in the following majors and specialties: Police of Administrative Management, Traffic Police, Criminal Police, Forensic Science, Firefighter. From 1993 to 1994, the Academy was assigned by the Ministry of Education and Training to train law in social sciences with 7 specialties; By the year 2003 there were 08 training programs with 8 majors and specialties. At present, the Academy has training scale of 10 majors with 16 specialties of regular training. In which:



1. Police reconnaissance





1. Reconnaissance on social-order-and-safety-Crime

Prevention and Suppression

2. Reconnaissance on Economic Crime

3.Reconnaissance on Narcotic Crime

Prevention and Suppression

4. Reconnaissance on Environmental Crime

Prevention and Suppression

5. Reconnaissance on High-tech Crime

Prevention and Suppression

2. Criminal Investigation

1. Investigation on


3. State management

on social order and safety

1. Administrative management

on social order and safety

4. Management on traffic order

1. Management on traffic order on

Roads and Rails

2. Management on traffic order on

Water Ways

5. Forensic Science

1. Forensic Science

6. Criminal Sentence Enforcement

and Judicial Assistance

1. Prisoner management,

education and rehabilitation

7. Police Advisory and Commander

1. Advisory and Armed Commander for

security and order protection

8. English

1. English for Police

9. Chinese

1. Chinese for Police

10. Law

1. Criminal Procedure Code

2. Criminal Justice


3. Change the form of training from fixed-curriculum to credit

Implementing the policy of the Ministry of Education and Training on innovating the quality of university education, on December 4th 2009, the Minister of Public Security has issued the Plan 149/KH-BCA-X11 on pilot training under the credit system in university education in Public Security schools, of which pilot implementation are deployed at the People's Police Academy and the People Security Academy. Accordingly, the PPA began organizing credit system from the 2010-2011 academic year for D36 courses, followed by D37, D38, D39 and D40 with a total of 4,927 students. At present, the Academy is implementing the simultaneous implementation of two credit training programs, including: regular university training program of 5-year credit for D36 students, D37 and D38; regular university training program of 5 years credit for D39 students and onwards.

4. High quality training program

From the academic year 2002 - 2003, the Academy began to train high-quality bachelor, through the discovery and training of exceptional students with a strong sense of organization, good discipline.

4.1. Selection

Candidates are international and national winners; Students who pass the entrance examination on the principle of taking from high to low points (according to each selection criteria), in combination with the criteria in graduation order, excellent students in high schools (in order from top to bottom) to meet the target.

4.2. Specialized training

Currently, high quality classes at the Academy are trained in 02 majors:

- Investigating crimes on social order and safety

- Forensic Science

4.3. Training content

In addition to teaching under the bachelor's degree in general, a high-quality bachelor degree requires a deeper level of content than a regular program to provide students with a deeper understanding in knowledge and skills to apply immediately into practice. Therefore, the system of teaching materials, assignments, and questions of quality assessment must be higher and richer, in addition to define the requirements of the combination of reasoning in practice; summarize and evaluate the theoretical topics organized in practice.

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