Centre for Title and Teacher Fostering

In terms of task and power, the Centre for Title and Teacher Fostering has to study and propose the title - fostering programs for the leaders and commanders of the police force; Professional training for police officers under the cooperation agreement between Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and other countries.

Studying and compiling the the program for fostering pedagogical services, scientific research methods and other specialties for teachers and educational administrators of the institutes and the people's police schools.

Organizing the work of compiling curriculums and teaching materials for training courses for titles, specialties and teachers; Organizing the implementation of scientific research activities, improving and renovating the content of fostering programs and management methods to enhance the training quality in service of combat practice of the Ministry.

Organizing the enrollment for training courses on fostering titles, specialities and teachers according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Public Security.

Setting up a schedule of teaching and learning for teacher training and retraining courses as well as  learning activities for the courses in accordance with the contents, programs, schedules and regulations; Evaluating learning outcomes for the Center's students. Assisting the President of the Academy in organizing and managing the granting of diplomas and certificates to trainees for fostering titles, specilities and teachers according to regulations.

Up to now, the Centre has conducted procedures for opening classes and organizing management for 34 classes, which forster cadres and leadersinside and outside the Academy. In addition, the Centre also organizes the framework program, the specific plan for the classes: fostering cadres planning the title of leadership at the department level, the director level, the deputy director in the Public Security, forstering the planning officer of the head and deputy head of the falcuty in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security; Organizing the compilation of the document for training courses for investigators, planning leaders at all levels, procurators…

Till now, the Centre has received a lot of positive feedback from students and teachers involved in teaching.

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