The People's Police Academy - Active member of Association of Police Training Institute in Asia (APTA)

Leaders of delegations at the Conference

The 3rd APTA Conference had the participation of the Korea National Police University, the Korea Police Training Institute, the Cambodian Police Academy, the Law Enforcement University of Mongolia, the Korea National Police University, the Philippine Public Safety College, Jakarta Center for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC), the University of Malaya (Malaysia), the Sri Lankan National Police Academy, the Sri Lankan Police University and the Vietnamese People's Police Academy, and Thai Royal Police Cadet Academy, host of the event.

Mr. Sangjeong Lee, President of Korea National Police University - Chairman of APTA

At the beginning of the Conference, the APTA's new Chairman - Mr. Sangjeong Lee, President of the National Police University of Korea presented himself before the delegates. As the chairman of APTA, Mr. Sangjeong Lee pledged to further promote the Association's activities in order to enhance the effective cooperation among its members, meeting the requirements of police training in the context of deepening international integration, towards the goal of building the more secure Asia.

The Opening Ceremony of the Conference

APTA Secretariat also presented the main contents of the 2nd APTA Conference in Korea last year. Other presentations were presented by police training institutes such as the Korea National Police University, JCLEC, the Korea National Police University and the Sri Lankan National Police Academy. At the conclusion of the conference, the APTA Secretariat announced that the 4th APTA would be held at the Philippine National Police Academy in 2019.

Chairman of APTA and President of Thai Royal Police Cadet Academy presented the Certificates to the speakers at the seminar

In addition to the APTA's official conference, the Thai Royal Police Cadet Academy held the academic seminar on “International Cooperation for Education Development and Police Training to Encounter Transnational Crime”. The seminar was an opportunity for APTA members to share their experiences in international cooperation in education and training in order to cope with the situation of increasing crime, especially terrorism, cybercrime and transnational crime. The delegation of Vietnamese PPA presented a presentation titled “International cooperation in police training at the Vietnamese People's Police Academy to deal with transnational crime”.

The PPA’s delegation presented souvenirs to the President of the Thai Royal Police Cadet Academy

Besides attending the official programs, the delegates also visited the facilities, some classes about forensic science, Muay Thai, shooting and planted trees at the campus of the Thai Royal Police Cadet Academy.

Some photos of the PPA’s delegation in Thailand:

The PPA’s delegation took group photo with Vietnamese students studying in Thailand

The Vice President of the PPA planted tree at the campus of the Thai Royal Police Cadet Academy

The PPA’s delegation visited the Royal Palace in Thailand

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