PPA participates in International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) in the United Kingdom

This is the 28th Annual Conference of the International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) with the theme “Organized Crime and Terrorism”. The conference attracted the participation of more than 50 participants, including scientists, practical officers and leaders in the field of Police and Criminal Justice, representatives of the police training institutions such as: the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Austria, Australia, Portugal, Ghana, Congo, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Vietnam, etc. The issues which were presented at the conference were varied, relating to: Organized Crime, Terrorism and Intelligence. In addition, the participants discussed the challenges, difficulties and trends of the profession of police in the current context.

Overview of the Conference

At the conference, Professor Tran Minh Huong - representative of Vietnam delegation had a presentation on international cooperation in prevention of organized crime in Vietnam. He presented about the situation of organized crime and the international cooperation legal basis in fighting organized crime in Vietnam as well as experiences and success of the PPA in international cooperation in police training. He also suggested further strengthening of cooperation in the field of crime prevention in general and enhancing the quality of the IPES annual conference. The participants of the conference highly appreciated the presentation and supported the proposals of the PPA.

Professor Tran Minh Huong gave the presentation at the conference

In the current context of international integration, the active participation of the PPA in international forums in general and the IPES in particular will contribute to the further strengthening of scientific research, expanding international cooperation in the field of police training, improving the effectiveness of the Vietnam police participation in international forums, enhancing the role of Vietnamese People’s Police Academy in the national police training institutions.

The IPES is an official nonprofit educational organization, founded by Dr. Dilip K. Das in 1994. IPES is funded by grants from sponsors and supporters around the world.

28th Annual Conference of the International Police Executive Symposium (IPES)

Professor Dilip K. Das is the founder and current chairman of IPES with many years of working experience in police training and research. He is Professor of the Criminal Justice, a Counsel on Human Rights of the United Nations, former Sheriff and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Police Practice and Research (PPR). Besides, there are the experienced experts in the field of police and scholars from around the world supported Dr. Das in the management of IPES activities.

The IPES Annual Meeting usually takes place in 4 days with a wide range of topics relating to Police work: police training, global police science, specific crimes like Domestic violence, corruption, organized crime, etc.

The symposium is an opportunity to exchange views and ideas on all aspects of Police work. Participants were asked to give a presentation of their country within the theme of the conference. All articles selected at the Forum are published. The IPES always advocates the view that police work is one of the most fundamental and necessary ways to improve the quality of life in every country, either rich or poor, modern or traditional, large or small, in peace or in conflict. The field of police must be exchanged in a completely open manner:
- Combination of practice and research
- Global exchange between the police of different countries.
- Disseminating and sharing practical experiences.
- Creating the police leaders in thinking and supporters reflecting and writing about the challenges of the profession.

Translated by Viet Linh

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