The People's Police Academy: 15 year of postgraduate training

With the target of carrying out the postgraduate training in order to build up the scientist team having good quality of politics, moral, awareness for serving people, having high knowledge standard meeting the socioeconomic, science-technology developing requirements of the country. During the past 15 years, the People Police Institute has tried its best to make progress gradually to enter the postgraduate training work into the order and discipline, develop quickly and achieve many great achievements, contribute to the supplementary of cadre having high knowledge standard to other people police schools, research institutes, leading cadre, advisor of the police industries, army, organs belonging to the internal affairs organs, police cadre of neighboring countries such as Laos, Cambodia; contributes to the national security and social safety career

In order to meet the assignment of training, the Institute has gradually supplemented, completed the system for the targets, contents of the program, curriculum, draft of the fundamentals for teaching for postgraduate training programs. The targets prepared area very particular, close to the fighting reality and constructing the force of the industry according to the stipulations, the content being designed with scientific nature, guaranteeing the knowledge capacity. From the initial 10 subjects of the MA system program for penology code 5.05.17 (the minimum program for the research students), now, it has been raised up to 18 subjects. According to the new list at the Decision No.44/2002/QD-BGD&DT dated 24.0.2002 and the Decision No.932/2004/QD-BCA (X14) dated 16.09.2004, specializing in the penology professional being changed and widened with the scope of training objects as following: criminology and criminal investigation, code 60.38.70. The subjects bearing the professional nature such as: Criminal Law, theory of spy professional operation, theory of Investigating the criminal... being specially paid attention by the Institute and being studied, supplemented with professional reports, latest information n the professional science, meeting in time with the real requirements of the struggling, preventing and fighting with the criminal and the renewal of the legal science. On the basis, the postgraduate program of the People Police Institute has met the planned, supplemented, modernization, updating and knowledge successive quantity for graduate training. The curriculum, studying documents, infrastructure serving for the postgraduate training gradually becoming completed, basically meet the demand planned for the real fighting, preventing the crime in the new situation. On the basis of the investment of the Ministry, the Institute has set up a center of special studying classrooms, testing rooms for practicing the professional, seminar rooms for defending the post theses with rather modern equipments.

The Institute issued two writings on the stipulations: "The process of organizing and executing the MA thesis" and "The stipulation of organizing and executing the PHD thesis" in order to organize, manage strictly the activities of postgraduate training grogram.

From 1992 up to now, the Institute has enrolled for 14 MA courses with 821 students, 12 of them has been finished with 527 students having received the MA degrees, in which 46 international students. From the year 1995 up to now, the Institute has opened 10 courses with 110 research students, in which 48 research students have successfully defended their PhD these with the State Level (7 international research students). Many MA students and research students after graduated from the Institute have assigned with important positions in the career of defending the national security, keeping the social safety and order, some of them having been granted with academic titles of associate professor, continued their studying, teaching for contributing to the completion of the teaching and training theory for the teams having high knowledge standard for the industry and also for the country.

The these theme of PhD, MA for graduation having close to the problems of the real struggle preventing and fighting with the crime, gradually bringing forward with solutions for completing the operational aspects of the People Police Force. The studying results contribute important part in building up and step by step completing the science theoretical system for criminal investigation, the science of criminology and the spy professional science of the industry. Many themes have been carried out in the reality by fighting units and having brought up with many essential achievements. With the research students of the Institute, theme of PHD, MA degree theses having been defended successfully, being an important part used as the document system serving for the consulting work directly for the science training and researching activities of the teaching, cadre and research student teams

Also through the postgraduate training system, on one hand, it contribute to improve the theoretical and practical standard for the students being trained, on the other hand, it creates important conditions for the science teaching team to take part in the training process, improving the research, teaching standard and for guiding the science

It can be said that the building and developing process, the work of postgraduate training of the People Police Institute has affirmed its position of becoming one important constituted part and indispensable in the general activities of the Institute, contributes positively to the work of training science cadres having high professional standard for the Police, Army and Internal Affair.

Ha Chi

Source: Socaia order science and Education Magazine No: 7 (December 2006)

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