People's Police Academy and Yunnan Police Officer Academy step up training cooperation

Attending the event were leaders of the two academies, representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Training under the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) of Vietnam and Mr.ZhaoWanpeng, Police Counselor at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Vietnam.

At the event, Major General Dang Xuan Khang, Vice Director of the People's Police Academy (PPA) highly appreciated achievements in the relations between Vietnam and China in general and the cooperation between the two Ministries of Public Security over the past time, particularly the outstanding results on police training.

Under the international cooperation program of the MPS of Vietnam, the PPA has sent two lecturers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages to study master programs in linguistics at the Yunnan Police Officer Academy.

Representatives of the PPA also participated in many seminars and forums held at the Yunnan Police Officer Academy. These include: Forum of China - ASEAN police schools at rector level and Roundtable Conference on law enforcement capacity building in 2016 and 2017.

Major General Dang Xuan Khang stated that this signing marked an important step in the Academy's strategy to expand international cooperation with foreign partners in general and Chinese training units in particular.

Mr. Li Gang, representative of the Yunnan Police Officer Academy reaffirmed the good traditional cooperation between the two academies over the past time. Since the Yunnan Police Officer Academy launched its training program for foreign police officers in 2002, 102 police officers from law enforcement agencies of Vietnam have been studying there, he noted. 

Since 2015, the school has been providing master courses for foreign police officers. five officers of the MPS of Vietnam, including two officers from the PPA, have enrolled the master courses.

Senior Colonel Tran Minh Huong, Director of the PPA hoped that the training cooperation between the two sides will further achieve effective results in the coming time, and soon realize the idea on training cooperation in crime prevention. The PPA is always ready to create favorable conditions for officers of the Yunnan Police Officer Academy to study at the PPA's training programs.

According to the newly signed memorandum of understanding, the two academies will further cooperation in training police officers and developing human resources. In the first phase, the academic cooperation will focus on a number of areas such as: cyber crime investigation, human trafficking investigation; professional skills in crime scene investigation; and  exchanging traditional Vietnamese - Chinese culture.

By Linh Bui

Source: Public Security News

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