The People's Police Academy attended the Seventh Annual Meeting of the International Police Academy Association (INTERPA)

The seventh INTERPA was organized by the Qatar’s Police College - Ministry of Interior in coordination with the assistance of the INTERPA Secretariat of the Turkish National Police Academy with topic: "New trends in combating terrorism and extremism." Around 300 participants attended the conference, who come from INTERPA’s training institutions of 34 countries and representatives from two international organizations, the Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC) and ASEANAPOL. The conference was co-chaired by INTERPA’s President (President of Turkish National Police Academy) and President of Qatar’s Police College. Prime Minister, Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani, who is also Minister of Home Affairs, attended and delivered speech at the Opening Ceremony.

The four-day conference was held with 05 meetings corresponding to 05 topics:
(1): Extinction and extremes;
(2): Political Violence and Coping with Terrorism;
(3): Prevention of terrorism and extremism related to crowd management at global sporting events;
(4): Fight against terrorist organizations and languages used in terrorist organizations;
(5): Counter-terrorism operations in countries.

In the five sessions there were 21 presentations by the delegates of the analysis and assessment of terrorism and extremism that are taking place today and the reaction of countries to access and process information on terrorism.

Representatives of the Vietnamese delegation (People's Police Academy and People’s Security Academy) had two presentations on international cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the provisions of Vietnamese law on limiting extremism in ensuring stability, peace in the region. The presentation was highly appreciated by the Conference.

On the agenda, the delegation also participated in the meeting of the Executive Committee and the General Council of INTERPA. At the meetings, INTERPA members discussed the topic of the next meeting, the mechanism for enhancing the effectiveness of the association's activities, enhancing the contribution of its members to joint activities, and proposing research on funding mechanism for the host to hold annual conferences in the coming time. At the same time, some of the contents were agreed upon, including the addition of five new members, namely the Uzbekistan Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Cameroon National Security Zambia Police Force, Timor Lester National Police Force, and National Police Training College of Tunisia. The next meeting will be held in the Republic of India; some members informed about the plan to organize some training courses and would invite the members to register for participation in the coming time.

On the sidelines of the Conference, the People's Congress met with the delegation of the Cambodia Police Academy and the Gujarat Criminal Science University of India. Leaders of the Cambodian Police Academy said that the school has reported to the Cambodian Ministry of Home Affairs on the commendation of a number of collectives and individuals of the PPA on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Academy will soon announce this to the PPA and the Ministry of Public Security. Gujarat College of Criminal Science is one of India's leading criminal science training institutions. It is recommended that the two sides jointly study the direction of cooperation on training and research in criminal technical science.

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