CONTENTS, TRAINING PROGRAM of regular university level in People’s Police Academy

These majors are trained basing on the common target and direction of using student after graduating to guarantee the professional skill and complete the assigned missions

Training target: Students are trained in the majors at People's Police Academy having university level belong to the studied branches, having a firm politic stuff, good morality, having scientific thinking method, having professional knowledge and specialist ability of the trained branch, having good health to meet the demand of the work of preventing crimes. Students who graduate from this school will be issued the degree of Bachelor of Law; basing on the professional training, they will be arranged to work in Police units of Ministry of Public Security and local Police Departments. Students who have good result of academy can undertake the work of researching and teaching in Academy, People's Police University, People's Police intermediate school, and science research institutes of Ministry of Public Security. On the other hand, the graduated students of academy, who are able to self-educate to approach the knowledge and obtain the higher knowledge levels, can take the master's course and postgraduate.

Training subjects: The training subjects of university level in People's Police Academy are People's Police cadres, soldiers who are working in People's Police force, pupil of high school and other subjects according to decision of Ministry of Public Security, chosen through an exam of national university according to Regulations of enrolling students of Ministry of Education and Training. The training period and training forms include:

- Regular level: Concentration training with long-term for 5 years according to the training program of standard level.

- Level of both working and studying: Non-concentration training for 5 years for the people who have the period of working or serving in Police Departments in localities, offices of Ministry of Public Security from 2 years and over.

- Crash course level: Concentration training for 3 years for the people who have graduated from People's Police intermediate school and having the period of working or serving in Police Departments in localities, offices of Ministry of Public Security from 2 years and over.

- Training the second degree: Non-concentration training for the people who have one university degree out of Police branch to obtain the degree on the second branch (Bachelor of Law).

The training period for 5 years with the minimum knowledge quantity that they need to have is 270 credits divided into the following knowledge sections:

- Knowledge of general education (minimum): 90 credits.

- Knowledge of professional education (minimum): 180 credits, in which including:

+ Basic knowledge of branch group and branch: 80 credits;

+ Knowledge of branch and professional: 80 credits;

+ Subsidiary knowledge: 5 credits.

+ Graduation paper: 15 credits.

The training program of a detail branch of learning in Academy is built in accordance with regulations of Ministry of Education and Training about structure and the minimum knowledge quantity for each professional field. The training program includes three knowledge blocks: Knowledge of general education; Knowledge of professional education including: Basic knowledge of branch group and branch, Knowledge of branch and professional, and Subsidiary knowledge.

The training program is built basing on the training program of standard level in accordance with requests of the framework program regulated by Ministry of Education and Training.

Apart from that, for each course, the Academy will choose the successful candidates with high mark to study in the high-quality class. The training program of this class bases on the current standard training program, but it is improved, upgraded to apply the advanced teaching and learning methods to gain the higher results. This program is for the students of regular level to train the manpower with high quality. This program type has target to obtain the quality and gradually extend to apply for the ordinary regular training level; to come to obtain high quality for the whole students in all training branches of Academy.

The method of building the training program in Academy: Pursuant to the common training purpose of university education, project of innovating university education of Vietnam in the next years and pursuant to the framework program of Ministry of Education and Training promulgated for the branches of learning of Academy; the Academy will concentrate on building the training program according to the deep professional direction, supplementing the self-control subjects (units of study) in both knowledge blocks: general education and professional education to guarantee suitable with the training target of each major in order to students after graduating will approach quickly with the really activities. According to that, the teaching method needs to concentrate on innovation with more practice, teaching according to professional situation, concentrate on innovating the studying method of students to develop to a high degree the participation of students in the school time. To strengthen the extracurricular activities for some subjects such as: Physical education, drive car, computing, foreign language…The trainees focus on studying and building the training contents, program, and training form according to the system of education of credit to apply in training university level of both working and studying. Concurrently, research the contents, Police training program of some regional and international countries, and training method to gradually complete the training program in Academy to guarantee the Academy has standard training program and gradually integrate with the world.

Senior Col., Ph. Dr . Nguyen Thien Phu
Source: Socaia order science and Education Magazine No: 7 (December 2006)

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