Scientific Research at the People’s Police Academy of Vietnam

With its 38 years in building up and growing up, the Academy has trained many people’s police cadre generations. Together with that process, the work of scientific research has always been an indispensable part and this work itself has contributed to serve efficiently to the improvement of the quality, effect of the work of studying, teaching of teachers and students, contributed greatly to the assessment, summary of experience, the theoretical system connecting to the real struggling work, brought about many optimal solutions in the struggling against crimes and criminals and trained the method of studying, scientific ways of thinking for every cadre, solider when experiencing the studying process of the Academy.

In order to judge whether a university is qualified or not, the first thing to think about is its scientific research products. These products consist of course book system, books of reference, scientific research papers, information and library network to serve the teaching and studying purposes. These are the core of development of the Academy.

The work of scientific research the People’s Police Academy has correctly followed that criterion which was directed in Decision N0.04 of Central Police Party Committee, Programme No.306, Instruction No. 02 of the Minister of the Public Security on the development of the science and technology for the people police force. The results of the scientific research of the Academy met the urgent theoretical as well as practical requirements of crime prevention and suppression as well as training requirements in the new period.

Thanks to suitable steps and right orientation, the scientific research activities of the Academy have developed rapidly. Up to the year 2000, the Academy has basically completed the preparation of the course book system for the undergraduate level and has carried out a changing step to preparing the curriculum for the interdisciplinary, curriculum using for the other studying levels and being focusing on the curriculum preparation for the postgraduate training. It has also executed successfully hundreds of scientific research papers at the department level, tens papers of ministry level and particularly from the year 2000 to 2005 the Academy has carried out successfully two themes of the State level.

Besides, scientific information activities is also being strengthened. The Academy has published the following scientific journals: "Science education Internal journal", "Science notice" to "Social Order and Safety Magazine". At the moment “Social Order Science and Education” magazine of the official journal of the People’s Police Academy. Activities of exchanging scientific information, seminar, scientific workshops have been organized regularly. With more than 30 scientific seminars, meetings which have helped to solve the urgent matters, problems in the theoretical and practical work.

The scientific activities during the past few years has received remarkable contribution form different student still having a remarkable contributions of different student generations. Up to now, the undergraduate training courses have completed thousands of BA theses, more than 500 MA theses in law and 46 PhD theses. The movement of students taking part in the scientific research has been developed strongly. In 5 years (2001-2005) there have been 864 students taken part in the movement with 7 students won the first prizes, 6 students won the second prizes and 3 students won the third prizes, 12 students won the consolidation prizes.

Being invested by the Ministry of Public Security and the leaders of the Academy; up to now, the information system and library have great developments. More than some ten thousands documents being consulted on the E-mail, combining with the network system (Lan) and (Intemet) creat a close system which is very convenient for the work of scientific research, studying and teaching purposes of the students, cadres, teachers of the Academy and outsiders

Nowadays, when our country is at the stage of new condition and opportunity, we have become an official member of WTO, there are many opportunities as well as challenges. It's obvious that new crimes, especially transnational crimes, organized crimes, cyber crimes will be increased. That's why in our research work we have to concentrate more and more efforts on studying and investigating their new trickeries in order to prevent and combat them.

Tu Nam Giang

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