The People’s Police Academy welcomed and worked with the delegation from University of Maryland, USA
The overview of the meeting

During the meeting, Maj.Gen Tran Minh Chat delivered the best compliments from Lt.Gen. Prof.Dr Nguyen Xuan Yem, the President of the PPA to the delegation of UMD. He introduced and appreciated the cooperative results between the two institutions in implementing the joint master program in justice leadership from 2011 to 2016. According to his sharing, among 68 alumni of the program, there were nearly 40 persons had been promoted to be team leaders and department leaders, 05 persons had completed PhD program, 17 persons were doing PhD in Vietnam and abroad. Additionally, with the equipped knowledge and skills the alumni had paid a lot of contribution for their agencies after graduated. Especially the alumni working at PPA had become leading team in teaching different majors by English serving for the mission of becoming a regional training center of PPA in the future. Mr. Vice-President presented the sincere thanks to UMD and proposed some cooperative ideas between the two institutions in the future including some main points as below:

- PPA would do efforts in finding budget to continue the joint master program with UMD in the future;
- The two institutions considered to implement the teacher/faculty exchange program;
- PPA in the connection with the Central Youth Union of Vietnam would coordinate with UMD to conduct the short term training (2 weeks) program for the youth during their summer vacation;
- PPA and UMD would consider to conduct joint research on the Vietnamese people committed crime in USA and the transnational crimes related Vietnamese and American;
- UMD would help experts of PPA to post their research articles on the magazine of the BSOS or UMD.

Attended at the meeting, Mr. Gregory Ball, Dean of BSOS sincerely thanked PPA for its hospitality and appreciated the cooperative relationship between UMD and PPA so far. Mr. Dean shared a lot of development and achievements of Criminology and Criminal Justice Department in particularly and BSOS in generally. Mr. Gregory Ball also shared that all faculties and staffs had been pleased when participated in the joint master program with PPA and appreciated the efforts and hard working of the students. Responded to the cooperative ideas had been raised by Maj.Gen Tran Minh Chat, Mr. Gregory Ball welcomed the ideas and said that they all seemed possible. After coming back from the visit, he would work with related units to discuss further to implement the raised ideas.

The delegates took the souvenir photo

After the meeting with Maj.Gen Tran Minh Chat, the delegation met and discussed with some alumni of the joint master program to update their development as well received their feedback about the program./.

Vivian Nguyen

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