The Delegates of New York University School of Law visited and worked at the People’s Police Academy
The overview of the meeting

The meeting included two parts: Meeting with the Board of Directors of PPA - Campus tour and Science Seminar at Department of Laws of PPA.

Lieutenant General Professor Doctor Nguyen Xuan Yem - President of PPA chaired the meeting, attended by representatives of functional units included: Department of International Cooperation and Department of Laws. At the meeting, on behalf of PPA, Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Yem welcomed and introduced about the training model of the Academy and greatly appreciated the effective cooperation with international partners including partners from U.S.A. In addition, Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Yem also expressed to cooperate to New York University School of Laws in the field of International Laws and Criminal Justice in the future.

Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuân Yem, President of PPA presented souvenir for Professor Ira Belkin

Speaking at the meeting, Prof. Ira Belkin appreciated and expressed the pleasure to cooperate with the People’s Police Academy through the cooperation direction from the President.

The overview of the scientific conference

After the meeting with Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Yem, Prof. Ira Belkin attended to the science seminar with the topic of “The American Justice System” at the office of Department of Laws. The seminar had about 60 participants including the officers and lecturers from Department of Laws, Department of International Cooperation, representatives from other departments and law students. At the seminar, Prof. Ira Belkin had presentation about “Experiencesabout wrongful convictions in the American”.

Van Nguyen

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