International Cooperation Division

Decision No.6092/QD-X11-X12 dated June 07, 2016 by the General Department of Politics of the Ministry of Public Security defined the functions and duties of the International Cooperation Division (ICD) as follows:

1. To study, propose and implement the Academy's foreign policies and international cooperation plans in order to expand foreign relations and develop various international cooperation programs, try to f funding recources, enhance international cooperation in training, scientific research and academic exchange activities, teachers, stafts and students exchange programs; act as the focal point in the organization and implemention of the international cooperation activities of the Academy.

2. To advise the President of the Academy in the exploration, expandsion and implementation of the international cooperation programs, the international joint training projects, international cultural exchanges and international conferences and seminars; organizes the negotiation and signing of cooperation documents between the Academy and other international partners.

3. To take the main responsibility in issuing and implementing the plans and programs of receiving international delegations to visit and work at the Academy as well as preparing the visits for the Academy’s delegations abroad; coordinate with the relevant functional units in implementing those programs and plans.

4. To take the main responsibility in receiving and managing international  specialists, teachers and learners working and studying at the Academy; to organize official visits for the Academy’s delegations abroad; coordinate with functional units to guide and support other procedures.

5. To perform the tasks of the diplomatic receptions and foreign relations; take responsibility in guiding and supporting the Academy’s students to apply for scholarships to study abroad in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Public Security; coordinate with the functional units in managing officers, teachers and students going on business trips or studying abroad.

6. To assist the President of the Academy in implementing the contents of foreign affairs and international cooperation programs related to the functions and tasks of the Academy as planned by the Ministry of Public Security; to guide, supervise and inspect the Academy’s units in implementating of international cooperation programs and plans; to monitor, synthesize and make reports on the performance of international cooperation tasks and act as the focal point for receiving, supplying and exchanging information on international cooperation.

7. To manage the officers and facilities of the Division in accordance with regulations.

8. To perform other duties as  assigned or authorized  by the President of the Academy.

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