PPA’s President pays working visit to RPCA
Lieutenant General Somchai Patcharaintho - RPCA’s President and Major General Tran Minh Huong - PPA’s President conducted the Flag salute ceremony

At the RPCA, Lieutenant General Somchai Patcharaintho, RPCA’s President warmly welcomed the PPA delegation to visit the Academy. Reviewing the relationship between the two sides, the RPCA’s President highly appreciated the cooperative activities during the previous time which contributed to promoting and strengthening the cooperation between the two sides. At the same time, improving the capacity, knowledge and experience for officers, lecturers and students of the two institutions.

PPA’s President approved the honor guard of RPCA

On behalf of the PPA, Major General Tran Minh Huong expressed the sincere thankfulness to the RPCA for warm and respect welcome; in particular, the support from RPCA on providing higher education for 4 PPA’s cadets since 2015. He also affirmed that studying at RPCA, the leading professional police training institute in the region, was a good opportunity for them to cultivate both physicality and mentality, cultivate professional skills for their future career in Vietnam. The PPA is committed to continue the fruitful cooperation with RPCA in the future.

Overview of the meeting

The PPA’s President hoped that in the next time, the two Academies would promote the annual cooperation programs such as exchanging high-ranking delegations, organizing short-term training courses on topics relating to crime prevention. The two sides would also coordinate to organize Scientific Workshop in Vietnam or in Thailand and create conditions for officers, lecturers to write scientific articles and publish in magazines of each side. On this occasion, the PPA’s President invited Lt. Gen. Somchai Patcharaintho and the RPCA’s delegation to visit the PPA in 2020.

Leader of the two Academies presented souvenirs

Delegates took group photo

After the meeting, the PPA’s President visited and encouraged 04 students of the PPA who were studying for the final year at the RCPA. With good studying results, the PPA’s President highly appreciated the spirit, attitude and learning capacity of Vietnamese students. He also recommended the students to strictly abide by the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam as well as the laws of host country and regulations of the RPCA; prove the solidarity, national pride, humility and strive to complete the study program with the highest results.

The PPA’s President presented gifts to 04 students studying at the RPCA

In the program at RPCA, the delegation also visited the Center for Forensic Science, the practical training area, 03 modern shooting ranges at the RPCA, the Royal Agricultural Development Project in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, initiated by the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX) and some places in Phetchaburi Province, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province and Bangkok.

The PPA’s delegation visited the RPCA campus


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