International Scientific Seminar: "Prevention of Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigration" at The PPA
Overview of the scientific seminar

Major General, Associate Professor Dr. Dang Xuan Khang - Vice President of the PPA attended and declared the opening. Attending the seminar were Colonel Roger Brown, Head of Liaison Officer of the Australian Federal Police in Vietnam, representatives of RMIT University in Vietnam, 23 delegates from 20 countries and territories in South Asia, South East Asia and North Asia, as well as representatives from the PPA: International Cooperation Division, Department of Criminal Police, Department of Police on Investigation, Center for Criminology and Criminal Investigation Research, Faculty of Fundamental Skills and students of the specialties of the Academy.

Major General, Associate Professor. Dr Dang Xuan Khang, Vice President of the Academy, declared the opening of the scientific seminar

At the seminar, Major General, Associate Professor. Dr. Dang Xuan Khang emphasized that Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigration are becoming more complex and becoming a global concern. The United Nations identifies this as one of the most dangerous crimes, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, including Vietnam. The most common types of human trafficking are trafficking for sexual abuse (79%) and forced labor (18%), according to a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC); globally, about 20% of trafficking victims are children. In Vietnam over the past five years, more than 4,000 victims have been trafficked, of which 75% have been trafficked to China, and the rest have been sold to other countries in SEA area, according to a report by the Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security. In 2017, 376 cases were discovered nationwide with 491 offenders and 991 victims. Facing this situation, the Vice President highly appreciated the cooperation of the Australian Federal Police in organizing the ARLEMP on this topic and held a seminar at the PPA to create a forum for learning, sharing experiences, deepening understanding and enhancing cooperation, thus, responding more effectively to this dangerous crime.

In the scientific seminar, delegates from ARLEMP made group presentations, sharing knowledge and experiences in preventing and fighting against human trafficking and illegal immigration in the countries and in the region. After the presentation, delegates had a heated discussion on the involved issues, thereby raising awareness of the dangerous crime that has become a hot topic in the region and in the world.

Major, Dr. Le Quang Toan and Major, Dr. Luong Thanh Hai from the PPA presented "Law and experience in crime prevention and combat in Vietnam" and "Collaborative relationship in preventing and fighting against human trafficking in Vietnam". Through the sharing of two delegates from the PPA, colleagues from countries had more understanding about the provisions of international law and the law of Vietnam on the prevention of human trafficking and illegal immigration, the actual situation of this crime in Vietnam, the issues to the law enforcement as well as the international, regional and national coordination in the control of the crime.

Delegates took commemorative photo

The success of international scientific seminar has left a good impression on our partners - the Australian Federal Police and delegates from other countries. On behalf of the Australian Federal Police, Colonel Roger Brown appreciated the coordination and expressed his gratitude to the Academy, wished to continue to cooperate with the Academy in the next programs.

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