Improving the effectiveness of training forensic science force in the new context - Vietnamese and international experiences
Overview of the Conference

At the Conference, the delegates from the PPA, the Royal Thai Police Cadet Academy, the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, the Australian Federal Police, the Institute of Forensic Science - Ministry of Public Security and local police departments in Vietnam were delivered presentations on the topics such as: Introduction of police training in forensic science at Vietnamese and international training institutions; Applying science and technology into teaching forensic science; Experience in improving the training quality in forensic science, especially for international students; Practices and current issues for the training and fostering of forensic science forces in the new situation, etc.

Major General, Prof. Dr Tran Minh Huong, President of the PPA spoke at the Conference

Major General, Prof. Dr. Bui Minh Giam, Director of Training Department, Ministry of Public Security highly appreciated the contributions of the delegates at the Conference and requested the PPA to urgently summarize and report to the MPS leaders in order to propose solutions to improve the effectiveness of the training of Forensic Science forces in the coming time.

The delegates at the event


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