Workshop on “Application of the 4th Technology Revolution achievements in traffic order and safety management in Vietnam”
Overview of the Workshop

The Workshop is an opportunity for scientists and police officers to exchange and properly assess the application of science and technology in the current assurance of traffic order and safety, thereby making recommendations and suggestions for Government and functional agencies in providing solutions to improve the efficiency of the application of scientific and technological achievements of the Industry 4.0 in traffic safety management.

The delegates at the Workshop

At the workshop, on the basis of analyzing the reality of applying the scientific achievements of the Industry 4.0 in ensuring traffic order and safety, the delegates proposed a number of recommendations and solutions such as:

- Develop an overall plan for the development of national intelligent traffic management system;

- Promulgate the legal documents for the effective implementation of science and technology projects on ensuring traffic order and safety;

- Continue to apply science and technology in building and perfecting databases in state administration on traffic order and safety;

- Enhance the training of human resources in the field of information technology and science to meet the requirements of ensuring the traffic order and safety;

- Strengthen international cooperation, exchange of science and technology with other countries in the world in the field of management of traffic order and safety.


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