People's Police Academy - 55 years of striving for the cause of education and training

The opening art performance of the ceremony

Over the 55 years of development, generations of lecturers of the PPA has promoted the glorious tradition, constantly striving, improving their capacities, being dynamic, creative, dedicating their youth, enthusiasm, and intelligence to the education, training and developing the academy, making great contributions to human resources of the Police forces, protect national security, social order and safety, Lieutenant General Tran Minh Huong, President of the PPA affirmed in his commemorative speech.

Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Huong, President of the PPA delivered commemorative speech

With high-quality staff, PPA is a key police training center training over 13 thousand students in various courses and programs. The education and training of the PPA over the past 55 years has continued to innovate towards the learner-centered approach, linking theory to the practice; encreasing the legal knowledge, professional skills, and practice skills. The facilities and IT infrastructure system has been upgraded to be modern, synchronous, and oriented towards digital transformation by 2030, in which the PPA has developed a smart PPA model with nearly 40 software applications to support the training management, utilise e-learning materials, becoming more elite and modern.

Major General Nguyen Van Long, Deputy Minister of Public Security congratulated the PPA with his flowers

As a major and prestigious scientific research center of MPS, the PPA has conducted thousands of scientific works, organized many scientific seminars, contributed to building and developing a scientific theory of Vietnamese Public Security, provided scientific consultations to the MPS in policy-making, and at the same time to study and provide solutions to prevent crime, protect national security, ensure social order and safety, strengthen the Police force.

Major General Nguyen Van Long, Deputy Minister of Public Security awarded the Second-class Labor Medal to the PPA

The PPA is one of the leading institutions of the MPS in international cooperation. Bilateral exchange and cooperation with international partners continue to be expanded and developed with nearly 30 police and law enforcement training institutions globally, more than 20 international organizations and associations, embassies, and NGOs. Regarding multilateral cooperation, the PPA is an official member of the International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA), the Association of Asian Police Training Institutions (APTA), and several Police Forums in the region, thereby creating many opportunities for staff, lecturers, and students of the PPA to study and exchange professional skills with other universities. Currently, the PPA is also the leading police training center of the MPS in training officers and officers who are ready to undertake peacekeeping duties when required. The remarkable achievements in international cooperation activities contribute to affirming that the staff and lecturers of the PPA are capable of integrating and successfully working in international settings, improving the position and prestige of the Vietnamese Police force regionally and globally.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Long awarded the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit to Lieutenant General Tran Minh Huong for his meritorious achievements in the cause of building Socialism and defending the Fatherland

With the great efforts and many achievements, the PPA has twice received the title Hero of the People's Armed Forces by the State President, in the last 4 continual years awarded the Emulation Flag of the Government, along with many other noble medals and awards. In particular, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of its foundation, the PPA was honored to be awarded the Second-class Labor Medal by the State President. These are noble awards, showing the recognition of the Party and State for the achievements and contributions of the PPA during 55 years of establishment and development.

Major General Nguyen Van Long, Deputy Minister of Public Security delivered the speech at the ceremony

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Long highly appreciated the dedication, and efforts and warmly congratulated the outstanding achievements of the PPA over the past 55 years. In order to fulfill the task of education and training for the police, to build up truly clean, strong, formal, elite, modern police Forces, meeting the requirements and tasks in the new situation, in the upcoming period, he required the PPA to focus on implementing following key tasks:

- Continue to thoroughly grasp and effectively implement the views and guidelines of the Party, State, the MPS on fundamental and comprehensive reform of education and training;

- Build and develop a contingent of lecturers and educational administrators in the direction of standardizing standards of political quality, teaching and research capacity and international integration.

- Continue to innovate training contents, and programs following the modern stream, promoting the activeness, proactiveness, independent and creative cognitive ability and self-study ability of learners, improving practical skills for students. Focus on building a model of “Smart Academy” associated with digital transformation and management, exploiting big data for teaching and learning.

- Utilize all resources to improve the quality of facilities and increase the number of modern and synchronous teaching equipment to catch up with the stream of digital transformation.

- Actively connect and expand cooperation with other Police training institutions, and advanced law enforcement agencies in the region and around the world in order to make the most of the knowledge and experience of partnerships to serve training tasks in the new situation.

With the glorious heroic tradition through 55 years of development, with the spirit of solidarity, strong determination, great efforts, drastic action, creativity and efficiency, the staff, lecturers and students of the PPA would keep emulating efficient teaching and learning, making more excellent achievements in the task of ecucation and training, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Long believed.

Delegates in group photo

On behalf of the PPA’s Directorate, Lieutenant General Tran Minh Huong, the PPA’s President took all directions and guidance of the Deputy Minister to carry out working programs of the PPA in the coming time. With the motto “Proactive, exemplary, disciplined, responsible and effective”, the PPA would continue to promote comprehensive innovation in its education and training, determine to build the PPA to become the key educational institution of Vietnam, and the prestige police training center of ASEAN and in the world.


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