PPA participates in 11th Annual INTERPA Conference

Representatives attending the 11th Annual INTERPA Conference

As a first, the Event started with the Annual Meeting (11th General Council Meeting and 22nd Executive Board Meeting). During Executive Board Meeting, Member Countries handled the issues on the agenda items which are relevant to future activities of INTERPA. As a brief result of the meeting, Croatia, Ecuador, Liberia and Nigeria joined the INTERPA family and National Forensic Sciences University – India was elected to be the host of 12th Annual Meeting in 2023.

PPA’s representative delivering a speech at the meeting

The General Council Meeting was organized by 03 sessions with 03 topics respectively: “Social Media Analysis on Policing”; “Digitalization on Policing and Changing Threat Perceptions”; “Use of Digital Technology in Policing”. At the meeting, the People's Police Academy gave a presentation introducing the Academy to all international delegates and received many positive feedbacks and invitations to exchange information towards training cooperation, in which: most notably, PPA received invitations toward signing memorandum of understanding between the Bangladesh Police Staff College and the MIA Uzbekistan.

Group photo of all representatives attending the meeting

After 11 years of operation, INTERPA has affirmed its role and position as an important international forum for international cooperation in the field of police education and training; creating opportunities and conditions for bilateral cooperation for police training institutions of many countries around the world. During the participation in the INTERPA Conference, the Vietnamese delegation had the opportunity to exchange experiences with international police training institutions in order to develop police education and training programs in accordance with the practical requirements in the region and in the world.


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