PPA Delegation pays visit to Royal Thai Police Academy

Official Meeting at the Royal Police Cadet Academy of Thailand

At the official meeting, the Commissioner of RPCA expressed warm greetings to the Vietnamese delegation for the visit to RPCA. Both sides once again affirmed the effective and special cooperation relationship between the two academies in recent years, contributing to improving the efficiency of police education and training quality, strengthening cooperation on scientific research activities, providing opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and experience between police officers and cadets of the two countries.

On behalf of the PPA delegation, Colonel, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Hong Quang - Vice President of the PPA, showed his gratitude for the courtesy reception organised by RPCA. PPA Vice President emphasised that the friendship/partnership between the two academies has continually been strengthened and is a model of bilateral cooperation between the two police training institutions in the region. The proof is that although the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted training activities, the Vietnam-Thai relationship is still prioritised, maintained and developed by the two academies.

The Commissioner of RPCA presented souvenirs to Col.Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tran Hong Quang - Vice President of the PPA

Typically, the PPA has sent 02 cadets to study at the RPCA for the bachelor's degree in the academic year 2023 - 2027. 02 cadets have completed the Thai language training program and will have entered the first year of the official education program on 29 March 2023. The commissioner of RPCA Thailand highly appreciated the cadet selection of the PPA with 02 excellent cadets to participate in the international student program at the RPCA (including 03 countries: Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam). Although late enrolling compared to students from other countries, within three months, 02 Vietnamese cadets have impressed the RPCA with their ability to study the Thai language and expect to complete the study program in Thailand with good results.

PPA Vice President Tran Hong Quang also sincerely thanked the RPCA for the exceptional support and thoughtful care for 02 Vietnamese cadets. At the same time, the training quality of RPCA has been proved by the fact that many Vietnamese students and officers have graduated from the RPCA at undergraduate and graduate levels and are currently high-quality human resources for the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security in general and the PPA in particular.

A group photo between RPCA leaderships and PPA delegation

On the occasion of the visit, PPA Vice President Tran Hong Quang also invited an RPCA delegation to visit and attend the international conference on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the foundation of the PPA in May 2023; At the same time, both sides discussed the reboot of a 2-week short-term training program for officers, lecturers and cadets of the two academies which have been suspended for three years due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

After the official meeting, the PPA delegation also had a briefing meeting with two Vietnamese cadets studying and living at the RPCA. Mr. Tran Hong Quang conveyed his compliments on the achievements of Vietnamese cadets and encouraged them to have more success in their studies, to follow regulations and discipline in RPCA and in Thailand as well as the Vietnamese laws and regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, to uphold the spirit of solidarity, national pride and the glorious tradition of the Vietnam People's Police Academy.

PPA Vice President Tran Hong Quang leaves his words for RPCA's guest book

PPA Vice President presented gifts to 02 PPA cadets who are studying at the RPCA

Dzung Bui

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