Cadets of PPA complete student exchange program at Korean National Police University

Within the study period, the cadets took up 5 subjects, including 2 mandatory subjects (Basic Korean, Martial Arts) and 3 optional subjects (Victimology, Criminal Sociology, Cybercrime Investigation). While being there, they have been provided with the best studying and living conditions by the KNPU. The cadets attended classes taught in English and Basic Korean class alongside 3 Malaysian students.

Outside of classes, cadets have also participated in volunteer works and extracurricular activities aimed to better understand Korean culture, witnessed the school festival of the KNPU etc. This exchange program has proven to be a rare opportunity for the cadets of the PPA to inform themselves of the people and culture of South Korea, to further their skills in English communication, to get insights into an advanced education system and other valuable experiences. In addition, it also helped the cadets to further work on their professional skills, knowledge and work ethics.

At the graduation for exchange students, the Director of KNPU has granted certificate of achievement to each cadet. The university expressed their appreciation for the effort of each Vietnamese cadet throughout the program, despite various obstacles such as language and culture barriers.

Returning home after the program, cadet Nguyen Phuong Thao - B16D46 remarked: "We have been able to participate in classes together with Korean students as well as students from other countries, experienced novel teaching methods aided by modern gadgets, professors giving guidance with students actively researching, resulting in effective classes. We were also able to participate in many extracurricular activities learning about Korean culture, people and cuisine. For me, these past 4 months studying at the Korean National Police University was truly a meaningful experience and will forever hold a special place in my university days.”

"This was my first trip to a new country and the experience has left me with many lasting memories. 4 months of study at the KNPU has allowed me to reveal my shortcomings and to renew my determination to study, to train, to continue building up my professional skills and knowledge so as to grow a favorable impression of the PPA on international friends." - said cadet Tham Hoang Anh - B11D47

Cadet Bui Thi Quynh Nga - B16D46 commented: “We are grateful to the Board of Director, the Office of the Academy and the teachers for trusting and granting us the chance to be a part of the 2021-2022 student exchange program between the People’s Police Academy and the Korean National Police University. In addition, we would like to express our hope that there will be more trips like this so that other cadets of the Academy may also have opportunities to expand their horizons and learn from the professional experience of other nations.”

The student exchange program of the People's Police Academy's cadets at the Korean National Police University has ended with outstanding results. The cadets have reported and shared the results of the program to the Board of Directors and other related functional departments. The results of this program are motivation for the Academy to further facilitate international cooperation programs and allow students to not only study within the Academy but to also exchange professional knowledge with other educational communities.


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