MPS releases book on milestones of the People's Police Force’s 60-year history

Earlier, leaders of the MPS had assigned the department to compile and publish the book on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Founding Day of the People's Police Force (July 20, 1962 - July 20, 2022).

With more than 600 typical events presented in a time line, the book summarizes the outstanding feats of arms in the past wars against foreign invaders as well as the achievements in safeguarding national security and maintaining public order and safety at present of the People's Police Force during its 60-year history.

The book shows deep gratitude to generations of officers and soldiers of the People's Police Force in particular, and the People's Public Security Forces in general, who are "wise and brave” in the fight against enemy and criminals, but ready to sacrifice themselves “for the country, for the people.”

The book sized 19x27cm, which is printed by the People's Public Security Publishing House, is showcased at the exhibition "Vietnamese police are clever, brave, and ready to sacrifice for the country, for the people" held at the Hanoi Museum.

Later, copies of the book are being distributed to public security agencies and units, educational institutions, prisons, custody facilities, reformatories.

We proudly introduce this book to readers.

Minh Hieu

Source: Ministry of Public Security Portal

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