Book set: Vietnamese Criminal Science

One of the leading tasks of PPA is training officers with high knowledge and capacity in crime investigation to meet the requirements and assigned tasks. Before the fact that crime situation in Vietnam has developed complicatedly, tended to increase and some new crimes are appeared, with many sophisticated and sophisticated modus operandi, using high technologies, which require training activities must enhance quality and modernization of scientific knowledge, including criminal science, to meet the practical requirements of the fight against crime.

To serve the training of PPA, modernize scientific knowledge, including Criminal Science, PPA called on scientists to compile the books on Criminal Science to better serve needs of training and study to improve the qualification as well as guiding criminal investigation in the current situation.

The set consists of 5 volumes:

Volume 1: General Theories of Criminal Science, 367pages with 15 chapters:

Chapter 1: Concept, Structure and Function of Criminal Science

Chapter 2: Task, Principles, and Development Laws of Criminal Science

Chapter 3: Object and Nature of Criminal Science

Chapter 4: Theory in Language, Research Methods and Classification of Criminal Science

Chapter 5: Basic Theory for Evidence Description and Copying

Chapter 6: Basic Theory of Criminal Identity

Chapter 7: Basic Theory of Wanted, Track-down in Criminal Investigation

Chapter 8: Cooperation Relationship between Investigation Police Department with Others Agencies Assigned to Carry out some Investigative Activities in Investigation of Criminal Cases.

Chapter 9: Basic Theory for Receiving and Handling Crime Denouncement Information

Chapter 10: Theory of Investigative Hypothesis in Criminal Investigation

Chapter 11: Theory of Criminal Investigation Plan

Chapter 12: Investigation Situation

Chapter 13: Criminal Characteristics of Crime

Chapter 14: Research on Criminal Modus Operandi and Identification Characteristics in the Criminal Science

Volume 2: Criminal Forensic, 935 pages with 13 chapters:

Chapter 1: General Theory of Criminal Forensic

Chapter 2: Criminal Photography and Video

Chapter 3: Research on Human Characteristics

Chapter 4: General Theory of Criminal Traces

Chapter 5: Traditional Criminal Traces

Chapter 6: Modern Criminal Traces

Chapter 7: Gene Examination

Chapter 8: Drug and Substance Examination

Chapter 9: Audio Examination

Chapter 10: Document Examination

Chapter 11: Criminal Forensic Medicine

Chapter 12: Criminal Achieves

Chapter 13: Crime Prevention Techniques

Volume 3: Criminal Tactics, 419 pages with 15 chapters

Chapter 1: General Theory of Criminal Tactics

Chapter 2: Crime Scene Protection and Examination

Chapter 3: Examination

Chapter 4: Evidence Collection, Storage and Handling

Chapter 5: Taking testimony of witnesses

Chapter 6: Arrestee Interrogation

Chapter 7: Confrontation

Chapter 8: Identification

Chapter 9: Experimental Investigation

Chapter 10: Examination Asking

Chapter 11: Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters

Chapter 12: Extradition

Chapter 13: Special Informer in Detention Camps for Criminal Investigation

Chapter 14: Criminal Investigation Conclusion

Chapter 15: Investigation Document of Criminal Case

Volume 4: Criminal Method, 1119 pages with 38 chapters:

Chapter 1: General Theory of Criminal Method

Chapter 2: General Theory of Criminal Investigation

Chapter 3: Spying Crime Investigation Method

Chapter 4: Investigation Method of Great-Unity Policy Violation related Crime

Chapter 5: Investigation Methods of Crime on National Security Importance Work Destruction

Chapter 6: Investigation Methods of Crime on Counterfeit Money Making, Storing, Transporting and Circulation

Chapter 7: Investigation Methods of Terrorism Crime

Chapter 8: Investigation Methods of Murder Crime

Chapter 9: Investigation Methods of Intentionally Inflicting Injury

Chapter 10: Investigation Methods of Rape Crime

Chapter 11: Investigation Methods of Robbery Investigation

Chapter 12: Investigation Methods of Property Theft

Chapter 13: Investigation Methods of Crime on Appropriating Property through Swindling

Chapter 14: Investigation Methods of Crimes on Violating Regulations on Operating Road Vehicles

Chapter 15: Investigation Methods of Fire Case

Chapter 16: Investigation Methods of Resisting Persons in Official Duty Performance

Chapter 17: Investigation Methods of Human Trafficking

Chapter 18: Investigation Methods of Prostitute Harboring, Procuring

Chapter 19: Investigation Methods of crimes on Gambling and Organizing Gambling

Chapter 20: Investigation Methods of Crime on Disrupting Public Order

Chapter 21: Investigation Methods of Smuggling Crime

Chapter 22: Investigation Methods of Crime on Manufacturing and/or Trading in Counterfeit goods

Chapter 23: Investigation Methods of Crime on Property Embezzlement

Chapter 24: Investigation Methods of Crime on Deliberately Acting against State’s Regulations on Economic Management, Causing Serious Consequences

Chapter 25: Investigation Methods of Crime on Neglecting Responsibility Causing Serious Damage to State’s Property

Chapter 26: Investigation Methods of Bribery Crime

Chapter 27: Investigation Methods of Using High Technology related Crime

Chapter 28: Investigation Methods of Money Laundering

Chapter 29: Investigation Methods of Environmental Crime

Chapter 30: Investigation Methods of Crime of Growing Opium Poppy and other kinds of Plant Bearing Narcotic Substance

Chapter 31: Investigation Methods of Crime on Illegal Narcotics Production

Chapter 32: Investigation Methods of Crime on Illegally Stockpiling, Transporting, Trading in or Appropriating Narcotics

Chapter 33: Investigation Methods of Crime on Stockpiling, Transporting, Trading in or Appropriating Pre-Substances for Use in Illegal Production of Narcotics

Chapter 34: Investigation Methods of Crime on Manufacturing, Stockpiling, Transporting and/or Trading in Means and/or Tools used in Illegal Production or Use of Narcotics

Chapter 35: Investigation Methods of Crime on Organizing the illegal use of narcotics

Chapter 36: Investigation Methods of Crime on Harboring Illegal Use of Narcotics

Chapter 37: Investigation Methods of Crime on Forcing, Inducing other Persons into Illegal Use of Narcotics

Chapter 38: Investigation Methods of Crime on Breaching Regulations on Management and Use of Addictive Drugs or other Narcotic Substances

Volume 5: Criminal Psychology, 415 pages with six chapters:

Chapter 1: Some Criminal Psychology Issues

Chapter 2: Psychology of Criminal Investigation

Chapter 3: Psychological Impact of Criminal Investigation

Chapter 4: Psychology of Misconduct Behavior and Criminal Acts

Chapter 5: Application of Hypnosis Therapy and Use of Lie Detector in Criminal Investigation

Chapter 6: Psychology in Education and Reform of Offenders

 The books was compiled and published by the Center for Criminal Investigation and Criminal Investigation, Police Science Institute, PPA, under the direction of Senior Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Tran Dai Quang, Member of Politburo, Minister of Public Security, and Major General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, Vice President of PPA as the Chief Editor.

This is the first complete books in Vietnam in this field. The books has inherited the achievements of the university and post-graduate education in criminal investigation of PPA, the practice of criminal investigation in the country. The book contains references of scientists, writers at home and abroad. However, this is a wide field of science so it is inevitably to avoid limitations, shortcomings. We look forward to receiving the comments of scientists, readers to other reprints better.

For more information about the books, please contact directly:

Center for Crime Research and Criminal Investigation - Police Science Institute - PPA - MPS.

Address: Co Nhue 2 Ward - North Tu Liem District - Hanoi.

Phone: 069.46238, Cell: 0983.084.272

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