Book set: Vietnamese Public Security Science

However, up to now, the Vietnamese Public Security scientific documents have just mainly mentioned the general theory and ways of approach mainly based on the former Soviet Public Security Science, which is still lacking of achievements of the modern Public Security science.

Basing on the practical activities of the struggle to protect national security, social order and safety in our country 70 years ago (1945 - 2015), referring to and summarizing the basic achievements of modern Public Security science in the world; with consensus and direction of General, Prof.Dr Tran Dai Quang, Member of the Politburo, Minister of Public Security, the People Police Academy presided over and coordinated with the Theoretical Councils of the Ministry of Public Security, General departments, departments, institutes, People’s Public Security schools to compile the book set "Vietnamese Public Security Science" as a reference material for researching, teaching, studying and organizing the struggle for national security protection and crime prevention scientific researchers, practitioners, trainees in People’s Public Security agencies, units, schools, and law enforcement agencies of our country.

The Book set consists of 8 volumes:

Volume 1: Theories and Methodology of People’s Public Security Science;

Volume 2: State management of National Security, Social Order and Safety;

Volume 3: Leadership and Command Sciences,

Volume 4: Theories of National Security Protection;

Volume 5: Theories of Social Order and Safety Assurance;

Volume 6: Theory of Vietnamese Intelligence;

Volume 7: Theory of People’s Public Security Force Building;

Volume 8: Theory of People’s Public Security Logistics - Techniques.

This is a book set which has special important significance - a work to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Traditional day of People’s Public Security Force, simultaneously affirm scientific values, theories and practical summary of 70 years of crime prevention and control, ensuring security and order of People’s Public Security of Vietnam.

It can be affirmed that the books compiled by the PPA are valuable and meaningful works on theoretical and practical issues in the 70 years of ensuring the security and order of Vietnam's Public Security Force, contributing an important part to improving the quality of education and training of the PPA, enhancing the quality of human resources of the People's Public Security Force, serving the cause of protecting the Fatherland security.

In order for these books to play into bring effectiveness in research, study and application in the practice of the People's Public Security Force, PPA should widely disseminate throughout the People's Public Security Force to better serve demands of training, studying, researching, improving qualifications of officers and soldiers of People’s Public Security in the current situation; use as reference materials for students of all levels in the Public Security training institutions to improve practical skills and professional standard for students; continue researching on theory and practice to make the book sets more complete and continue to research to organization of publishing other scientific valuable books to meet the training requirements and diverse as the position and role of the key training institution, toward as the national key training institutions by 2018.

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