People’s Police Academy promotes innovation in education and training

With the motto “Tradition - Dynamic - Innovation”, the Party Committee and the Board of Directors of the PPA pay attention on leading and directing to the comprehensive renewal of education and training in all stages. In particular, building qualified lecturers and managers contingent is one of the most crucial tasks, which is necessary for modern educational program as well as the development of reality. The education and training program of the PPA focuses on covering both theory and practice on crime prevention and control, protection of security and social order. Thanks to this, it helps to detect, anticipate and advise to the Ministry of Public Security about a wide range of strategic issues in order to complete professional theory and police science. The educational innovation is relating to teaching contents and methods. Specifically, educational program goes hand in hand with the practice of crime prevention and control. Therefore, the educational quality of the PPA is more and more enhanced and meets the requirements of the new context.             

The PPA is ranking first under the Ministry of Public Security in the high-qualified lecturer contingent at present. However, comparing to the criteria and conditions of a key national university, the percentage of doctors, associate professors and professor is low, just making up over 10%, above 3% and over 1%, respectively. Meanwhile, although the training scale is increasing the facilities are still limited.

Facing with that situation, the Party Committee and the Board of Directors of the PPA indicated that the key issue affecting to the effectiveness of education and research is building and developing the lecturer and manager contingent. Accordingly, the PPA focuses on standardizing the political qualities, ethics, lifestyle and professional qualifications; ensuring the sufficient quantity and high quality. Until 2018, the PPA aims to have 20 professors, 40 associate professors, 400 doctors, 500 masters and 300 senior lecturers. The Academy takes efforts to develop top experts in the field of police science such as criminal investigation, crime prevention and control, administrative management on security and social order. In the future, the PPA also promote to international cooperation for increasing the number of lecturers getting oversea training.    

Besides, the PPA innovates the managing method of education and training in two approaches: (1) promoting the application of information technology in education and training management; (2) institutionalizing educational and training management activities; (3) establishing the standard of the PPA for quality management in education and training, which is based on consultation with ISO 9000:1994 International Quality Management Standard and Vietnamese Quality Management Standard “TCVN-5814-94”. Education and training management activities including enrollment, teaching and studying, graduation which are implemented according to procedure and standard, the PPA standardizes database to meet the needs of information sharing and using, statistics, comparing, forecast and executive directions.           

In terms of education and training, the Party Committee and the Board of Directors of the PPA determine that educational curriculum innovation in the major of law, police science and social science and humanities is the core issue. Thus, the PPA improves educational quality by standardizing the curriculum, teaching content, syllabus, materials and examination procedure. At the present, the PPA and the People’s Security Academy have been assigned by the MPS to carry out the pilot training program under credit system in order to shorten training time from 5 years to 4 years. This is an advanced teaching approach for stimulating lecturers, students as well as managers to be active and positive. In the next time, the PPA continues to renew content, program and teaching method in practical, modern, and interdisciplinary direction, focusing on skills, professional qualities and knowledge for 5-year-researching students and 4-year-practicial students. Additionally, the PPA combines between credit-based training and yearly training. In particular, there are four majors in high quality bachelor program including Investigation of social order crimes, Criminal Techniques, Reconnaissance of High-tech Crime Prevention and Environmental Police was chose to build several postgraduate training program in English.

Under the condition of many different types of training, the Party Committee and the Broad of Directors identify that teaching methods have to develop students’ self-study capacity. Theory goes along with practice for students’ skill improvement. Lectures need to update on practical experience from realistic activities of police units. There are more and more cooperation between the PPA and other police units in organizing conferences, discussing and sharing professional knowledge. The teaching and studying material system is completed, being compatible with each distinctive training levels and types as well as ensuring the condition for students’ self-study. Information technology is applied in connect between the PPA and local police units.             

Not only teaching contents and methods but also research activities are innovated. The PPA are active in writing many series of books such as Vietnamese Criminal Science, Vietnamese Reconnaissance Science, Vietnamese Criminology, Vietnamese People’s Police Science in order to serve training activities at the academy. Many researches on People’s Police educational science, summary of crime-fighting campaigns, security and social order campaigns are results of cooperation between the PPA and functional agencies of the MPS. Both lecturers and students carry out many researches to supplement to theory system of Public’s Security Science and Police Science, which improve the effectiveness of police operation in many fields. There are several typical research works, including, state-level scientific research project: “Ensuring social order in new context”; ministry-level scientific research topic: “Credit system training and applicability in high education under Ministry of Public’s Security”, “Managing residences for foreigners in Vietnam according to the function of the police force for administrative management of social order"; "Crime scene surveillance in crime investigation by local police - situation and solutions"; "Investigation of high-tech crime for property appropriation - theoretical and practical issues".        

The PPA makes a great investment for facilities of training in order to serve effectively teaching, studying, researching activities. Specifically, the investment focuses on building the Police Library, professional practice areas, shooting ranges, stadium and functional facilities (conference room, theory classroom, foreign-learning classroom, rooms for presenting thesis, dissertation thesis and so on). Besides, there are a diversity of research and technological transferring centers and culture works such as the Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Statue, Statues of former Primary Ministers of MPS and Ministry of Homeland Affairs, Museum of Ethnology and National Sovereignty Territory.     

To encourage socialization for building investment and development of high quality academy, the PPA is active to renew policies and financial mechanism, improve the effectiveness of budget using and mobilize the contribution of the whole society. This will help to ensure the sufficiency of budget for professional activities.   

Before the new tasks and requirements, the PPA keeps going to promote comprehensive innovation to become the modern and strong academy, meeting the educational and training need of the police force in the new context. 

Lieutenant General, Professor, Dr. NGUYEN XUAN YEM, the President of the PPA

Source: National Defense Journal 

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