Promoting traditional strength, innovation, dynamic, striving to become national key institution*

- Dear Senior Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. To Lam - Member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Party Committee Secretary of the Central Police, Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s Public Security

- Dear international guests, senior teachers, delegates!

- Dear all the teachers, officers, employees and dear students!

Today, whereas the country is heading towards the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day on November 20th, the PPA is extremely honoured to be accompanied by Senior Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. To Lam - Member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Party Committee Secretary of the Central Police, Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s Public Security to attend the Academy’s Opening Ceremony of school year 2016 - 2017.

In this solemn ceremony, on behalf of the PPA, I would like to send my sincere respect to the Minister, Leaders, Delegates, International Guests, Senior Teachers and all the officers as well as students, respectfully wish their health and warmest greetings.

On the occasion of the opening ceremony today, I would like to warmly welcome the new students of the University including 776 regular students of the D42 course of the People’s Police force, 40 cadets from Ministry of National Defense, 46 cadets from Lao People's Democratic Republic’s Ministry of Security, 30 Cambodian Senior Officials from the Kingdom of Cambodia’s the Ministry of Civil Affairs studying at People’s Security II Junior College, 303 MA students Course 25th, PhD students course 21th, 100 officers attending Commander and Leaders retraining class from Local police units and more than 3000 students of the non - regular course and 150 students of criminal justice.

Dear Mr. Minister, all the comrades and delegates!

The school year 2015-2016 is the year with many important events of the Party, State, Ministry of Public Security and the PPA. It is the first year that the Academy has become the key institution of the Public Security’s force. Grasping thoroughly the principle “Activeness - Discipline - Responsibility - Effectiveness” of the Ministry of Public Security, The Party Committee and The Directorate Board of the Academy have determined “Standardisation - Digitalisation” as the subject of school year 2015 - 2016, and the action target “4 emulations - 5 attempts”. Therefore, The Academy has achieved many important goals.

The Academy has continued to strengthen the work of political ideology education, and traditional education. On the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of People’s police traditional day, the PPA has completed in building the monuments of President Ho Chi Minh and the Ministry of Public Security’s late minister through periods; has brought more than 12000 turns of teachers and cadets to visit the traditional relics of the police force; has brought more than 1000 D40’s cadets to go practicing social - political “3 cooperation” in Tan Bien district, Tay Ninh province and more than 1100 D41’s cadets in Nam Dan district, Nghe An province. The Academy has built 20 houses of gratitude and works for policy families in Tay Ninh and Nghe An, which valued almost 4 billion VND. Besides, the Academy has thoroughly continued many campaigns of the State, the Ministry of Education and the Police Force.

Education and training sector has witnessed breakthroughs and achieved significant results. The credit-based educating model, combining training with practicing, has been effectively implemented by the Institute and typical in the school year; the rate of D37’s students graduated from the university with an average result is 90%. The Academy has conducted 6-month-training program for regular course and 1.5 month for non-regular course, which is the experience combination of the Academy, the Military schools and the Police schools, International Police. The new syllabus, with the emphasis on practicing instruction, such as an apprenticeship in conjunction with extracurricular and elementary courses, has resulted in far better results than before. The standard output project for learners continues to be deployed effectively with very high requirements. Students are required to graduating as a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam, shooting at 70/100 points, qualifying martial arts teacher and foreign language level D. The model of social-political practice for students after completing the first year was reviewed by the General Department of Politics and the Ministry of Public Security decided to replicate in the institutes and schools.

Carrying out the emulation movement of “Exemplary teacher, diligent student, model class”, the Academy has had many innovative measures in managing and educating cadets. With the theme "Closer discipline, strengthen the 5 knowledge" the learning activities, training of students step by step gone in order; the serious misconduct of students has been pushed back. The disciplinary rate for under-disciplinary offenses of students is below 0.4%.

The Academy has deployed training in 3 new master’s degree majors: Crime Scene Investigation, Prisoners Education and Rehabilitation and Criminal Investigation. The Ministry of Education has recognized 2 high quality undergraduate programs: Crime Scene Investigation and Criminal Investigation. PhD theses and dissertations have focused on researching, solving new problems and emergency of security and order.

The scientific research in the school year has taken many new steps, focusing on research and solving emerging problems of crime and society order and safety. The Minister of Public Security has decided to establish the Institute of Police Science under the control of the Academy. The Academy has compiled 72 new curricula, conducting 79 scientific research at all levels, including 3 state-level scientific projects; successfully organized 13 conferences, scientific seminars including Conference "Summarizing 20 years of PhD training", "35 years training in non-regular course", "Summarizing 20 years of People’s Police Magazine". The Academy has collaborated with the Standing Committee of the Theoretical Council of the Ministry of Public Security to compile and publish the book "Vietnam Public Security Science" (8 volumes), "Russian - Vietnamese Police Dictionary", "British - Vietnamese Police Dictionary" and many other large books serving the industry.

The Academy continues to focus on the training of staff, especially the leading scientists and identified this as one of the three breakthroughs of the school. In the academic year, the Academy has added 02 professors, 09 associate professors, 37 PhDs, 60 masters, 19 key lecturers and more than 500 staffs have been sent to study and improve knowledge in and out of the country. Up to now, the Academy has had more than 250 trainers, who is decided by the Ministry of Public Security to circulate reality in police units and localities for 2-3 years. Till October 2016, the PPA has 11 professors, 42 associate professors, 182 doctors, 158 key lectures, 11 senior lectures and over 300 masters. The number of highly qualified teachers at the academy is now at the top of the institutions in Public Security force.

International cooperation continues to expand and develop. The PPA has completed Phase 2 of the $ 2.2 million e-Library Project financed by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). With funding from the Project 165 of the Party Central Committee, The Academy has completed the second course of the Joint Master Program in Teaching and Learning in English with the Maryland University, USA. The Academy is continuing to deploy the third course of this program and is promoting the organization of International Master in English Teaching and Learning Program on high-tech crime prevention.

Under the direction of the Ministry of Public Security, in the context of financial difficulties, the Academy has selected the computerization and invested in completely building the Library as logistic center. The Academy has started building multifunctional stadium, the Le Quan library with 12 floors along with almost 70 thousands book titles and the e-library system is connected from the Library to 100% staff offices, classrooms and entire student dormitories. The PPA’s library is one of the biggest libraries in Vietnam. Also, the PPA has finished building the e-administrative system of the Academy. The Minister has approved the Smart Teaching Project for the Academy. The academy is striving to implement the intelligent board and interactive dais for 100% the classrooms by the end of October. In the academic year 2016 - 2017, the teaching will be completely conducted on the system of intelligent e-education. The Academy has cooperated with Hanoi City to implement the final stage of the Academy’s expansion and promoted the project of West Thang Long - Son Tay road, which runs 60m wide in front of the school gate. The Second Institution project in Vinh Phuc province is being implemented.

Up to the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017, the staff of lecturers, libraries, facilities and information technology applications of the school has caught up and equal to the other large institutions in the country such as the Vietnam National University - Hanoi, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The PPA with many traditional educational relics voted by readers as one of the most beautiful universities in Vietnam.

In the academic year 2016 - 2017, the Academy was awarded the emulation flag by the Ministry of Education and Training, 04 units were awarded by the Ministry of Public Security, and 04 units were by the General Department of Politics; in summay, 11 units have been awarded “Victory Title”, 129 officers have been awarded “emulation soldier” at grassroots level, and many units as well as individuals have won advanced titles.

On the occasion of the Opening Ceremony today, cadets and students of the Academy would like to thank the Central Police Party Committee, Senior Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. To Lam and leaders of the Ministry of Public Security through the periods, who have always paid attention to direct the development of the PPA.

Also, I would like to express my gratitude to our teachers throughout the years for their contribution to the academic cause of the Academy for nearly 50 years.

The Vietnamese People's Police Academy respectfully thanks all international friends for their help and support.

Sincerely thank to the central agencies, departments, police units, schools, the twinned units; the party committee, the government of Hanoi and Vinh Phuc province.

Dear Mr. Minister, all the comrades and delegates!

The new situation in the world and in the country has been setting new requirements and tasks in protecting the national security, ensuring the society order and safety in general, training police officers in particular. Despite many efforts, the Vietnam People's Police Academy still has a gap in comparison with the police schools in the world. The staff training of the Academy is inadequate to meet the practical requirements of the People's Police - graduates do not match the country's highest entry level, etc.

In order to build the PPA to become a reliable address in the field of training and scientific research for the people's police force, strive to become a national key institution soon. Promoting the heroic tradition and results achieved in the recent year; based on the motto “Activeness - Discipline - Responsibility - Effectiveness” of Ministry of Public Security, the PPA has determined “Standardization - Digitalization - Modernization” as a subject for the 2016 - 2017 school year, The Academy implemented the slogan of action: "4 Emulation - 3 Breakthrough", in which:

- 4 Emulation: Good management emulation; Good teaching, good study, good scientific research emulation; good exercise emulation and good service emulation.

- 3 Breakthrough: Breakthrough in Party building; Breakthrough in lecturer and scientific researchers training; Breakthrough in facilities.

With the motto "Tradition - Innovation - Dynamic - Development", The Party Committee and The Directorate Board of the Academy believe that all officers, teachers, employees and cadets of the People's Police Academy will continue to unite, consent, to be dynamic and innovative, to strongly develop,  in order to strive to become a quality training center of the country, a national and regional police training center.

In the spirit of excitement, trusting and being proud of a heroic school, on behalf of the Directorate Board, I declare "Opening the school year 2016 - 2017 " of the People's Police Academy.

Respectfully, wish the Minister, delegates, distinguished guests, all the teachers and students healthy, happy and successful.

Thank you!

(*The article title set by The Editorial Board of the PPA’s web portal)

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