Officers, lecturers and students of PPA actively participate in voluntary blood donation
The PPA’s students shared the red blood

As recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), if 1-3% of a country's population donates blood, it would be sufficient for the country's needs for a year. With a population of 90 million, Vietnam will need 1.8 million units of blood per year. According to statistics from the Ministry of Health in 2014, however, the total recorded blood collection in Vietnam is 1 million units, which meet only nearly 60% of need.

Officers, students of the PPA enthusiastically 

participated in voluntary blood donation festival

Being aware of the shortage of blood to serve the community health care, the PPA has actively responded, participated in voluntary blood donation activities held by the organizations inside and outside the Public Security force such as: Pink Spring Festival, Red Sunday, National Volunteer Day, Program “blood of love for dear comrades”, etc. In particular, annually, the PPA organizes the blood donation festival to propaganda and raise the awareness about the role and importance of blood and the noble act of voluntary blood donation, promote the spirit of solidarity, thereby arouse the voluntary spirit of donating blood for the comrades and the community in the officers, lecturers and students of the PPA.

The joy of the officers, students of the PPA

 participating in voluntary blood donation

From the success of the blood donation festival in previous years, this year, the festival attracted the participation of officers, lecturers and students of the PPA. Attending the festival, the officers, lecturers and students of the PPA experienced medical examination, blood tests, free health advice and granted certificates of voluntary blood donation, presented gifts and served snacks.

Medical examination before donating blood

According to opinion of doctors from the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, the donated blood from the PPA annually is relatively stable in quantity. The Institute received more than 1,200 units of blood per year from the officers, lecturers and students of the PPA through the activities of blood donation. Especially, after experiencing the examination and screening, the blood units collected from the PPA are qualified for producing the blood products.

Blood donation is always responded by the officers,

 lecturers and students of the PPA

At the end of blood donation festival in 2016, the Board of Organization collected more than 500 units of blood to serve for the community health care. This is really a humanitarian act, is noble gesture that rises from understanding, responsibility and kindness of the officers, lecturers and students of the PPA.

Nhu Mai

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