• Nguyen Thi Ngoc - beautiful valedictorian of PPA

    With the desire to become the female People's Police officer to serve the country, the people, Nguyen Thi Ngoc - former Bac Giang high school girl selected PPA for breeding her dreams. With a strong will and high determination, Ngoc excellently became section D 2016 valedictorian of PPA.

  • My unforgettable internship course in Hoi An

    According to the education program as well as the Plan of the PPA’s Board of Directors, students of Specialty of Foreign Languages class B10D39 took an internship course in Hoi An from December 7th, 2015 to January 31st, 2016. For more than two years of living and studying in the PPA, I have gained considerable precious theoretical knowledge in foreign languages (especially English) and professional tasks of the Public Security forces. 

  • Impressive events of PPA Youth in 2015

    In the jubilant atmosphere of spring - the season of youthful enthusiasm, the youth generations of the PPA are always aware of their roles and responsibilities. The PPA’s youth accomplish all assigned tasks and are willing to devote their youth to the Cause of defense for the peace of people’s lives, which contribute to enrich glorious heroic traditions of the Academy.

  • Soul engineers in green uniforms

    When being alive, President Ho Chi Minh particularly took  interest in the cause of education and training, especially training the staff of teachers and education managers. He said: “The task of education is important and glorious. If there are no teachers, the education can’t develop; without the education and training officers, it can’t mention to the economy – culture.”

  • Camp night at PPA - My unforgettable experience.

    On November 7th, 2015, a camping festival took place at the PPA. This event was a special activity to celebrate the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day on November 20th. The camping festival was held every three years; therefore, it was lucky for me to have a chance to take part in. 

  • Female Police Secretary talks about Youth Union’s task

    Dinh Phuong Thao - Secretary of the Youth Branch B10D37 (specialty of English) of the PPA- is a beautiful and talented girl of the female police students of the PPA. She made a strong impression on students of the PPA when she used to be in charge of being the Youth Branch Secretary.

  • Tay Ninh in my eyes

    As one may know, Tay Ninh is a massive southern province in Viet Nam and very famous for Trang cake and shrimp salt. Given a golden chance of visiting a small Thanh Trung hamlet of the province, I was lucky to have the first hand opportunity to discover this mysterious land.

  • Youth of PPA take pride in following the former generation’s tradition

    Throughout 70 years of building and development, being attended, trained by Communism Party as well as the Government, the Public Security Force of Vietnam have always showed the absolute loyalty to Communism Party, Fatherland, got ready to sacrifice for the peaceful lives of the people. The young generation of the PPA is proud of the glorious tradition of the Public Security Force in general and of the PPA in particular by making efforts to continue such remarkable pages of the Public Security Force. 


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