Impressive events of PPA Youth in 2015

2015 is marked as a year with important events of nation in general and the Public Security Force in particular, especially the 70th anniversary of Public Security Force ( 19/8/1945 – 19/8/2015), the 10th anniversary of the Day of Whole National Defence and 70th anniversary of Indepence Day ( 2/9/1945- 2/9/2015). Besides, this is the remarkeable year in the Cause of PPA’s education in general and the tasks of Youth Unions in particular. Here are the outstanding activities of the PPA’s Youth in the previous year.


4th Final Round of Excellent Class Managing Student Contest

The 4th Contest of Excellent Class Managing Stusent in Academic year 2014 – 2015 was held to improve the capacity and assess the ability of the students who were in charge of managing the classes; then make plans of training and retraining to meet the requirements of the management and education task of students in the coming time, contributing to the effective implementation of the campaign “Three No, Three Active” in all officers, lecturers and students of the PPA.


The impressive introduction of class B10-D38

The traditional culture in the exam of the course D26 – Laos

Passing the preliminary rounds, the 9 finalist participants of the 4th Final Round of Excellent Class Managing Student Contest were the most outstanding faces. Before the final, they demonstrated the commanding ability through exam of matching and then attended the Final Round at the stage with 4 other parts: Introduction; Answering the questions; Answering the multiple choice questions; Eloquence. In the Introduction, the participants expressed the sense of humor and talent through short plays, traditional dances, etc… In three other parts, they showed the knowledge and bravery through the questions on regulations of the student management of the PPA.


The “Answering the questions” round was tense and critical

The 4th Contest of Excellent Class Managing Student in Academic year 2014 - 2015 recognized the sense of responsibility as well as the well-preparation of the collectives. After the Contest, there were more excellent class managing student together emulating to contribute to successful implementation of the campaign “Three against, three active” in the PPA.


New points in the Contest of Excellent Class Managing Teacher

Implementing the programme of the Political General Departments of MPS, celebrating the 70th anniversary of Public Security Forces and the 47th anniversary of PPA, on May 21st, 2015, PPA organised the Contest of Excellent Class Managing Teacher in 2014-2015.


The jury graded the groups

The contest was organized with the aim of selecting, recognizing and honoring exemplified teachers who had experience in managing students in 2014-2015. Besides, it created teachers chance to share experience in  methods, skills, qualities to improve education and management work at the PPA.


Passing the preliminary rounds, 10 teachers were chosen to join the final contest. At the final, the groups attended 3 stages with parts: commanding manners, answering the multiple choice questions about class management skills, management skills of education and training. With practical knowledge accumulated in the process of working and studying, their enthusiasm and love for career, the groups successfully completed their parts.


Students of the PPA positively trained the military parade to welcome Health Festival for Nation Security and 70th anniversary of Independence Day

Implementing the Plan of organizing parade to welcome 70th anniversary of August Revolution and Independence Day, Public Security Force including staffs, soldiers, students of schools, training institutions attended the parade. Especially, there were 285 students of course D39 and D38 of the PPA to be chosen to accomplish this mission. They had passed the hard standards to have enough standard to accomplish this vital political mission.


To encourage, enhance the spirit of force, the Directorate with Training Commanders visited the soldiers and encouraged them. It helped each individuals be well aware of significance, importance of participating in training and getting the best results.

PPA’s students of course D40 implements socio-political practice in Tan Bien- Tay Ninh

Receiving the agreement of MPS, the cooperation, assistance of Tay Ninh Police, Tan Bien’s Party, local authority and people, PPA organised Socio-Political Practice for 1057 students of course D40 from August 14th to September 5th, 2015.


This was the longest Socio-Political Pratice journey PPA had ever organized. the students stayed and worked with people of Tan Bien’s 3 communes (Thach Phong, Thach Tay, Tan Lap). Tay Ninh had customs, cultures which were different with locals in the North; Therefore, students had difficulties in adapting. Nevertheless, the PPA students still promoted tradition of heroic unit, overcame difficulties to accomplish the assigned tasks. During this time, D40 positively participated the activities of local authority, were introduced the economic, political, social situations and order security of Tan Bien. Besides, the students had opportunities to know more about cultures, traditions, history. In addition, students also participated in community activities such as helping people to renovate works, canals, irrigation, village roads, alleys; environmental sanitation; participating in Gratitude activities, visiting the martyrs' families, family policy; presenting heroic.

The staffs, teachers of PPA took memorial photos at the gratituding house

Vietnamese mothers, the disadvantadged pupils studying well, the poor; donating computers to several schools in Thach Phong, Thach Tay and Tan Lap; organizing cultural exchanges, cultural and sports activities. In addition, the People's Police Academy also joined in the camping held jointly by the Central Youth Union and the Political General Departments.


These first activities in period of the socio-political practice of students of course D40 in Tan Bien district, Tay Ninh province created to the good image of members of the PPA’s Youth Union - the prospective police soldiers who are diligent, dynamic and enthusiastic. Certainly, these practical activities would continue to be held in the coming time, contributing to cement the  between the army and the people and accomplish successfully the missions of the socio-political practice of D40 students.



PPA becomes key training institution of Public Security force

In the emulative atmosphere towards celebrate the 70th anniversary of Public Security Forces and the 10th anniversary of the Day of Whole-People Security and Defense, on August 12th, 2015, the PPA was honored to receive the Decision on recognizing to be the key training institution of Public Security force.

Minister Tran Dai Quang presented the Decision on recognizing the PPA

as the key training institution of the Public Security force

After nearly 50 years of establishment and development, under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security, in close coordination, effective support of the other Ministries and local police departments, the PPA has been continually developing in all fields. The quantity and quality of the PPA’s lecturers, officers has made great progress. Among them, these are 07 Professors, 24 Associate Professors, 133 Doctors, 358 Masters and 157 key lecturers. The facilities of the Academy, equipment to serve the teaching and learning are gradually modernized to meet the requirements of key training institution of Public Security force. The PPA has become one of the leading centers of training, scientific research, cultivating the knowledge staff for the Public Security force. A lot of students who graduated from the Academy have become the reputable scientists and officials holding the key positions of the Party, State, Police, Army, interior agencies…


These significant achievements of the PPA have contributed positively to the Cause of education and training of the country in general and of the Public Security force in particular, contributed to the Cause of security and order protection, building the People's Police force that is revolutionary, regular, elite and gradually modern and expands the international cooperation relations. For such contributions, the PPA was awarded the title Hero of People's Armed Forces and many noble rewards by the Party and State; recognized as the key institution of Public Security force by the MPS.


With the position of the key higher training institution of the Public Security force, the Minister believed that the PPA would continue to achieve more success, soon become the key higher training institution of the country to be worthy of the trust of the Party, State and leaders of the MPS as well as the heroic tradition of the Public Security force in general and of the PPA in particular.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA

spoke at the Ceremony


Green dream to welcome new students of course D41

In 2015-2016, the PPA welcomed more than 1000 freshman of course D41. In the evening of October 29th, 2015, at the Tran Duc Truong Hall, the PPA’s Youth Union held the “Green Dream” program - an annual event held by the Youth Union to welcome the new students of course D41.      


Throughout the show, clips on different faculties helped new students get holistic knowledge of their specialties. This would aid them in managing their studying plans and developing their researching skill. Besides, at the program, four first-rank students in the PPA entrance exam exchanged and shared their own helpful experience in study for all participants. Then, there were interesting art performances coming from the PPA’s Clubs, such as: Guitar Club, Volunteer Club, Pioneer Art Club… Each club introduced themselves in impressive ways to recruit new members as well as foster the PPA’s Youth Union’s upcoming activities in the academy year 2015-2016.


This interaction among clubs in the Academy and new students helped to discover and exploit the potentials, talents as well as enthusiasm of students. This would certainly help the PPA’s Youth Union find out new talents for the stable development.


PPA organizes camping festival to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher’s Day

The Camping festival was considered as a part of the series of activities to celebrate the Vietnamese Teacher's Day (20/11) at the PPA. Attending the festival were Lieutenant General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Yem, President of the PPA, the members of Party's Executive Committee, Board of Directors and the majority of officers, teachers, employees and the whole students of the Academy.

The Camping festival aims to strengthen solidarity, creating the warm atmosphere after hours of hard working and studying; concurrently, this is the deepest gratitude that all PPA’s students would like to present to their teachers. The preparation for the total of 20 camps took place very early from different units within the Academy. The camps were decorated carefully with typical characteristic of every faculty. Under the enthusiastic guidance of teachers and enthusiasm of the students, the Camp festival "Teacher Gratitude" was organized successfully with significant meaning to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher's Day.

Also, the Camping festival has the participation of the majority of students and youth clubs within the PPA (Club of Internal Magazine – Radio, club of volunteers, Guitar club...) with many special activities such as the attractive stalls of souvenir, food and books and performances of public security martial arts, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue and skills of high-speed Motorbike-driving which attracts large numbers of viewers. Especially, in the night of campfire, activities of singing and dancing around the flame awaken and stirred the festival air, dispelled the chilly weather of winter. All participants mixed in fresh-sparkling colors and eager atmosphere of campfire night.


Welcoming New year festival 2016 of PPA

 Following the success of the Festival of welcoming the New Year 2015, in the evening of December 16th, 2015, at the Tran Duc Truong hall, with consent of the Party Committee, Board of Directorate of the PPA, the Faculty of Foreign Languages in collaboration with the Department of Party - Political Affairs and Mass Organization Management, the Youth Union of the Academy organized the Welcoming New Year Festival 2016.


Attending the event were representatives of the foreign agencies and international organizations in Vietnam, the military delegates ... On the side of the PPA, there were the Major General Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dang Xuan Khang - Vice President of the Academy, representatives of the functional departments and officers, lecturers, students of the Academy.


Coming to the festival, the audiences were enjoyed in a joyful, exciting and fascinating atmosphere of the coming spring through such repertoire as "Nhu hoa mua xuan", "Cung dan mua xuan", "Lien khuc chao xuan", sweet songs as "Aimer", "Mua trang Bac Ho"... In particular, the festival also brought the audiences to cultures of countries in the region to understand more about the culture of New Year celebration of each country.


The program is an interesting playground for officers, lecturers, employees and students of the Academy and also is an opportunity to consolidate and develop the lasting relationships between the PPA with the international agencies and organizations which have supported the Academy in recent years. The festival helped students know more about cultures of many foreign areas in the world.


Looking at some outstanding activities of the PPA’s youth in 2015, we take more pride in achievements that students made in the previous year. Besides, we fully trust that the Youth Union of PPA will increasingly develop in 2016.

Translated by Khanh Linh - B10D41

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