PPA participates in the 4th General Assembly Annual Meeting of the APTA in the Philippines
The 4th General Assembly Annual Meeting of the APTA in Manila, the Philippines

The Philippines Public Safety College (PPSC) hosted the 4th GAAM of the APTA in cooperation with the Philippine National Police. The Opening Ceremony of the 4th APTA GAAM was held in Camp Crame, Manila, the Philippines on October 15th, 2019. This year's APTA GAAM has the participation of 50 delegates represented 12 police training institutions from 08 countries including the Philippines, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

At the meeting, the APTA Secretariat presented the Report of 2018 and followed by discussion of the APTA Growth Plans and Ideas. The participants agreed that, in the coming time, APTA would carry out more cooperation activities among members such as: organizing the training courses and the exchange programs, increasing the online training courses, strengthening the experience sharing, etc.

On this occasion, APTA launched the official website of the Association at the address www.apta.website and officially announced the admission of 04 new members, making the total number of the Association into 23. The meeting agreed that the 5th APTA GAAM would be held at the Korea Central Police Academy in 2020.

On the sidelines of the Meeting, the PPA delegation had the meetings with senior leaders of the National Police College (NPC) of the Philippines, the Korean National Police University, the Australian Institute of Police Management, the Police Academy of Cambodia. These meetings helped to expand and promote the effective bilateral cooperation activities between the PPA and APTA members.

Besides the official working sessions of APTA, the PPA delegation also attended the Seminar under the theme of “Cooperation in Development of Police Training and Research for Safer World” at NPC, Silang, Cavite, the Philippines, visited the facilities and exchanged with lecturers, cadets of the NPC, the National Police Academy (NPA) of the Philippines.

Some photos of the PPA delegation:

Head of Vietnam delegation took group photo with APTA's Board of Directors 

The PPA delegation and the other delegates attended the meeting

The PPA delegation took group photo with leaders and cadets of the NPC  

Visiting the NPC

The President of the NPA presented souvenirs to the PPA

The PPA delegation took group photos with the delegates attending the Seminar at the NPC

The PPA delegation attended the Seminar at the NPC


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