Training courses on United Nation Convention against Torture at PPA

Mr. Nil de Mooji, an expert of Clingendael Academy, the Netherlands spoke at the opening ceremony of the training course

The courses are participants by the lecturers, speakers in the legal field and the investigators of the departments and the police training institutions of the Ministry of Public Security.

Through the training courses, the experts of the Clingendael Academy provided the trainees with the studied cases in training UNCAT in Viet Nam, the analysis of some typical situations of torture around the world, the effectively presentation skills, the skills in controlling and dominating emotions, the way to transfer skills in compiling materials on the UNCAT, etc.

 Major General, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dac Hoan and the experts of Clingendael Academy presented Certificates of completing the training course to the trainee

The overall objective of the courses is to enhance the capacity of teaching and propagating against torture for the lecturers, speakers in the legal field of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, and then expanding for police officers at the localities across the coutry.


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