Vietnamese police peacekeepers in South Sudan to berewarded by the United Nations

Vietnamese police officer works with colleagues from other countries at UNMISS.

According to Colonel Vu Viet Hung, a Vietnamese police officer involved in the peacekeeping operations in South Sudan, since their deployment in October 2022, the Vietnamese police officers have excellently performed various important tasks in South Sudan, and their achievements have been recognized and appreciated by the police leadership of the mission.

Senior Colonel Vu Viet Hung and his colleagues check and assess the security situation at the refugee camp.

Recently, the UNMISS leaders have sent their request to the UN Headquarters, proposing the UN to reward medals to Senior Colonel Le Quoc Huy, Colonel Vu Viet Hung and Lieutenant Colonel Luong Thi Tra Vinh in recognition of their achievements and contributions to UNMISS and its operations.

The Vietnamese police force join other forces to do tasks.

Over the past months, the Vietnamese police officers have successfully completed all tasks assigned by UNMISS leaders and seriously observed the mission’s regulations and local laws, building a beautiful image of the Vietnamese police officer in the eyes of international friends and local community.

Lieutenant Colonel Luong Thi Tra Vinh participates in a simulated emergency situation exercise in Juba division, South Sudan.

In fact, the Vietnamese police officers have demonstrated their professionalism, self-confidence, enthusiasm and friendliness. On the occasion of the 2023 Lunar New Year, the Vietnamese police officers still held a meaningful New Year celebration with international colleagues in South Sudan, which left a wonderful impression on them. 

Source: Ministry of Public Security Portal

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