Closing ceremony and presenting prizes for cultural-sport activities to celebrate Vietnamese Teacher's Day
Vice President of the PPA Dang Xuan Khang spoke at the ceremony

In the final report at the ceremony, Colonel Dang Duc Nghia, Head of Party, Politic and Mass-organizational Movement Management Department evaluated the advantages, limitations and announced the result of cultural- sport activities to celebrate the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day including: the art performance festival, a wall-newspaper contest, the table-tennis and football tournaments among the officers, teachers, employees and student of the PPA.


Vice President of the PPA Dang Xuan Khang presented 

the prizes for the teams which attended the art performance festival

Accordingly, the cultural-sport activities attracted the full participants of the officers, teachers, employees and students of the Academy. The teams actively arrange their time to participate in the activities with the spirit of enthusiasm and cheerfulness, which created the exchange, excitement, unity atmosphere among the functional units and students in the Academy, contributed to make achievements to celebrate 32 years of Vietnamese Teacher's Day.


Vice President of the PPA presented the first prizes in the wall-newspaper contest

Speaking at the ceremony, Major General Dang Xuan Khang, Vice President of the PPA warmly praised the spirit of responsibility and achievement of all officers, teachers, employees and students of the Academy in organizing and participating in the cultural-sport activities to welcome the Vietnamese Teacher’s Day. He emphasized: In the previous years, the movements and activities of the PPA had made the certain achievements which were recognized, appreciated by leadership of the General Department of Building Force in particular and the Public Security Ministry in general. With the spacious facilities, the capacity of organizing the event and especially eagerness, enthusiasm of all officers, teachers, employees and students, the PPA was always considered as the leading unit in organizing and implementing the activities and movement of the General Department and the Branch. Therefore, Vice President of the PPA required the functional units and the mass organization within the Academy to continue to build and implement the movements which were suitable with the professional activities, focus on the emulative activities such as good teaching, good learning, good training, good advising and serving to make the achievements to celebrate the important anniversaries of the Nation.


The winning teams in the table tennis tournament were commended 

and rewarded at the ceremony

Especially in 2015, he asked the activities of the culture, arts, sports clubs  within the PPA need to be improved so that each of the clubs actually become a convergence place of talent individuals who were ready to join in the contests of the General Department and the Branch. He also requested the leaders of functional units to concern and encourage their officers and teachers to participate positively in the movements with enthusiasm, sense of responsibility to achieve the best results, contribute to the joint achievements of the Academy, deserving with the title of hero of the People's Armed Forces.

Vice President of the PPA presented the prize for the teams 

and the outstanding players in the Football Tournament

Written by Cong Phuong

Translated by Xuan Thanh

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