PPA’s Labor Union wins first prize in contest of the Public Security Labor Union in the northern region
Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Muoi - Deputy General Director of Building Force General Department spoke at the opening ceremony

Priding as a local labor union with more than 500 members, the Labor Unions of the PPA participated enthusiastically in the contest with a team including 5 main members and 25 supporters.


Lieutenant-Colonel Vu Manh Ha - Chairman of Labor Union 

of Ministry of Public Security presented the souvenir flag to the teams

Inspire of meeting many difficulties in preparation for the contest, with the attention, directing, encouraging and creating all favorable conditions of the PPA’s Party Committee, the Board of Directors and leaders of the functional units within the Academy, the PPA’s team tried their best in practicing for the contest. The PPA team entered the contest with the highest determination with a view to gain the highest results.


Major Hoang Thi Lien, Chairman of the PPA’s Labor Union 

took the memorial photograph with members of the PPA’s team

During the two days of the contest (14 - 15, October, 2014), the PPA’s Labor Union team and the other 22 teams within the MPS in the northern region participated in the contest with 4 main examining-contents: Introduction, Answering multiple-choice questions, Eloquence and Talent contest. Through each of the examining-contents, with the highest focus and attempt, the PPA team fulfilled excellently the contest that was appreciated both in spirit and quality by the Board of Examiners and the Board of Organization. Ending the contest, the Labor Union of the PPA excellently won the first price.


Lieutenant-general Bui Ba Dinh, Deputy General Director 

of Building Force General Department 

took the memorial photograph with the team of the PPA

The contest "Propagandizing Constitution in 2013 and the 85-year tradition of building and development of the Public Security Labor Union in the northern region” was the significant competition. Through out the contest, the PPA’s Labor Union has condition to exchange experiences with other Labor Union Organizations within the MPS. This is also the opportunity for PPA’s Labor Union to confirm more clearly and fully its positive role in the Labor Unions of the MPS in particular and the Labor Unions of Vietnam in general, contributing to building the Labor Union Organization stronger and more comprehensive.

Translated by Xuan Thanh

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