Sport activities to welcome the 17th Communist Youth Union Congress of PPA
The organization board presented flowers and souvenir flags to the participating teams

The sport activities includes the following contents: women's football, men's singles table tennis, volleyball, tug of war and Chinese chess. All competitions organizes in the form of splitting tables and scoring rounds to select the 2 best individuals / teams of each table to enter the semi-finals, the 2 individuals / teams who win the semi-finals will enter the finals to select the champions.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, Deputy head of the Division of Political Affairs stated: This was annual activity of the PPA to create healthy playground for students of the PPA, contributing to physical training, improving health, flexibility, endurance. At the same time, it opened the opportunities for exchange, studying, enhancing the solidarity among classes and courses in the Academy. I hoped that the athletes would play in the noble spirit of sport to make the success of the competitions.

The women players offered many beautiful ball phases

Right after the opening ceremony, the women's football teams entered the elimination. With the enthusiasm of supporters, the women players devoted the audience a variety of beautiful and critical ball phases, made the exciting atmosphere through the match.

On April 9th, 2017, at the Le Quan Library, the elimination of the men's singles table tennis took place with the participation of numerous athletes from the courses of the PPA. The tournament created a healthy and useful playground, contributing to the education and training for youth union members in the direction of “Morality, intelligence, fitness and beauty” as the taught of President Ho Chi Minh on the training of young generation.

The quality of athletes was highly appreciated by the Organization Board

Student Le Van Thang - B2AD40 shared: “A series of sporting activities welcoming the 17th PPA Communist Youth Union Congress, term 2017 - 2019 not only contributes to improving spiritual life for students of the PPA, but also creates the environment for development of each student’s talents. As a youth union member of the PPA, I pledge to promote the heroic tradition to be worthy of pioneer force of the development of the PPA”.


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