Public Security Forces brace for natural disasters
Police officers helping people in floods (Photo for illustration)

The dispatch, which was sent to the Steering Committee for Climate Change, Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, and Search and Rescue of the police departments of the central coastal provinces, cities and Central Highlands region, the High Command of Mobile Police, the Department of Traffic Police, the Department of Fire Police and others relevant units, requests them to:

Strictly implement dispatch by the Permanent Office of the Central Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention, the Office of the National Committee for Disaster Response, Search and Rescue, the Ministry of Public Security and local authorities on the two tropical depressions and strong Southwestern monsoons.

Closely monitor developments of the dangerous weather phenomena via the mass media while actively coordinating with relevant units to ensure safety for people and assets; coordinate with local authorities and functional forces to provide necessities to people while ensuring absolute safety for police officers performing duties during natural disasters.

Coordinate with relevant local agencies to check places at high risk of flood or landslide and evacuate people to safe places.

Deploy forces to ensure public order and security and guide the traffic, particularly in freeways, bridges over the sea, and ban people from crossing dangerous areas.

For coastal and urban areas and deltas, deploy forces in coordination with local forces to evacuate people from disaster-prone areas.

For mountainous, hilly and Central Highland areas, coordinate with relevant agencies and forces to check places with high risks of landslide and flash flood so as to evacuate people to safe places.

Seriously implement watch regulations and report the situation regularly to the Office of the Ministry of Public Security: Tel Numbers: 0913.555.323, and 069.2341042; fax: 069.2341044.

According to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, two tropical depressions, derived in the East Sea (South China Sea) and strong southwest monsoon will soon cause high waves and strong winds, and heavy rains from 200-500mm may occur in the central provinces from Thanh Hoa to Quang Ngai and the Central Highlands.

By Thien Minh

Source: Public Security News

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