MPS and Ministry of Education and Training agree to bolster coordination in maintaining order and security
The two ministers at the event.

The event saw the presence of General To Lam, Politburo Member, Minister of Public Security; Lieutenant General Luong Tam Quang, Head of the MPS Office and leaders of relevant units under the MPS. Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha, Member of the Party Central Committee; Vice Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Thi Nghia and representatives from various departments under the ministry also attended the event.

According to the Vice Minister of Education and Training, after 3 years implementing the joint circular, the two ministries have directed their functional agencies to effectively carry out coordination activities. The quality of the coordination between the two sectors has been significantly improved, meeting the task requirements in the current situation.

The education work on prevention of crimes and social evils in the education sector has seen many positive changes, which has made local education and training management agencies, education and training institutions, education managers, teachers and students be more aware of the role.

Minister To Lam speaks at the event. 

Minister To Lam honors various individuals and teams.

Delegates at the conference also pointed to various shortcomings and weaknesses in the coordination between the two ministries in the past time.

Speaking at the event, Minister To Lam appreciated the efforts and achievements gained by the two ministries in promoting coordination in preventing and fighting crimes and social evils in the education and training sector.

Minister Lam also asked leaders of the two ministries to further educate their staff about the importance of the coordination in ensuring national security and social order and safety.

General To Lam also expressed hoped that the two ministries would strengthen their coordination and strive to fulfill all tasks assigned by the Party, the State and the People.  

By Duy Tien

Source: Public Security News

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