Vietnam and Cambodia hold joint anti-drug trafficking drill
Leaders of Ministry of Defense of Vietnam and Cambodia see the drill

The drill was part of the Vietnam-Cambodia Border Friendship Exchange that took place in the Vietnamese border province of An Giang on August 27-28.

The drill was joined by the An Giang Provincial Border Guard Command and An Giang Provincial Police Department (Vietnam) and the police and military forces of Takeo and Kandal provinces (Cambodia).

The drill’s assumed scenario was that the joint task force of Vietnam and Cambodia at a border security checkpoint stops a truck suspected of trafficking drugs. The suspected vehicle does not stop but runs away. The joint task force reports the case to their commanders on one hand, and tracks the suspects on the other hand. The chiefs of the Vietnamese and Cambodian forces meet each other to develop a joint combat plan to arrest the suspects. Many local police and military units are mobilized to surround the area where the suspected vehicles arrive.

Meanwhile, some suspects run into forests and the others hide in a residential house and take some residents hostage.

The photos below feature Vietnamese and Cambodian police and military forces’ fighting against the suspected drug traffickers:

Chiefs of the participating Vietnamese and Cambodian forces meet to discuss a joint combat plan

The vehicle carrying drugs and criminals run away through the border security checkpoint.

Military and police forces of the two countries have been mobilized to lay besiege to the criminals

Task-force officers and professional dogs overpower and arrested criminals.

By Duy Tien

Source: Public Security News

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