Minister To Lam chairs meeting on anti-corruption
Minister To Lam speaks at the event

According to reports at the conference, in 2018, the Public Security Central Party Committee and leaders of the MPS closely followed the directions of the Party Central Committee, the Politburo, the Central Steering Committee on Anti-Corruption, and took drastic measures to prevent and fight all signs and acts of corruption and wastefulness within the Public Security Forces (PSF) as well as corruption crimes in society.

Particularly, the MPS enhanced political and ideological education among public security officers to prevent corruption while accelerating administrative reforms in all public security agencies and units, and increasing inspections to detect and handle wrongdoings of police officers on time.

Mr. Pham Gia Tuc, Vice Head of the Commission for Internal Affairs of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee, speaks at the event

Reports also mentioned that the declaration of assets and incomes of leaders of public security agencies and units at all levels was conducted more effectively while the code of conduct of public security officers was seriously implemented. The MPS also rotated working positions among public security officers, particularly high-ranking ones. Facts show that anti-corruption committees of the MPS and all public security agencies and units have operated efficiently over the past year, contributing to preventing and curbing corruption and wastefulness in the PSF.

Speaking at the event, Minister To Lam emphasized the importance of active prevention and fight against corruption in the PSF, which would contribute to building stronger and cleaner PSF. He also asked all public security agencies and units to improve the effectiveness of their anti-corruption committees’ operation in line with their new organizational apparatus, as well as to closely follow the higher levels’ directions to devise effective plans and measures to fight corruption and fulfill all given tasks.

Duy Tien

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