MPS promotes prevention and fight against illegal trafficking and use of weapons and explosives
An overview of the conference.

The conference was chaired by Senior Colonel Tran Quoc Sang, Director of the Police Department on Administrative Management of Social Order and participated by representatives from relevant ministries and agencies, as well as police units and police departments of key localities.

According to reports at the conference, the functional forces have collected a large number of weapons, including 4,656 guns of various kinds, 15 mines, 13 bombs, 807 grenades, 7,336 kg of grenades and warheads, 197 shells, 251 kg of explosives, 761 detonators, 3,062 rudimentary weapons, 05 bomb shells, 38 tons of shells; 1,142.5 kg of firecrackers. 

The functional forces also uncovered 611 cases and arrested 782 persons involved in illegal production, trading, transport and use of weapons, explosives and supporting tools and seized a considerable number of relevant exhibits, including 3,078 bullets, 28 grenades, 1,256 bombs and 3,000 kg of explosives…

The Police Department on Administrative Management of Social Order advised the Ministry of Public Security to hold a video-conference with the participation of representatives of police departments of all 63 cities and provinces to discuss measures for better implementation of the Law on Management and Use of Weapons, Explosives and Combat Gears. It also supported the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security in drafting documents directing and guiding police units to prevent and fight violations of legal regulations related to weapons, explosives, combat gears and firecrackers.

Speaking at the conference, Senior Colonel Tran Quoc Sang asked relevant police units to seriously and effectively implement the Law on Management and Use of Weapons, Explosives and Combat Gears and the Decree 36/ CP of the Government on the Management and Use of Firecrackers; actively advise local Party committees and authorities to direct their subordinate agencies, and local political and social organizations to participate in disseminating legal regulations and mobilizing people to strictly abide by the legal regulations.

By Duy Tien

Source: Public Security News

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