General To Lam stresses importance of reading books
Minister To Lam speaks at the event.

The event saw the presence of General To Lam, Politburo Member, Minister of Public Security; Vice Minister of Information and Communications Hoang Vinh Bao and Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Trinh Thi Thuy.

The MPS organizes various activities to mark the Vietnam Book Day annually, including exhibitions, exchanges and talks on books, reading movements themed “Books with public security officers and soldiers,” “Reading and studying the example of great Uncle Ho,” introducing books and giving books to libraries and reading rooms at units of the Public Security Forces, public security youths’ talks and exchanges with writers.

Minister To Lam and other delegates cut the ribbon to open the exhibition.

Each year, the Ministry of Public Security provides with some 50,000 copies of 60 books to all public security agencies and units with the aim of improving the cultural life of officers and soldiers.

Speaking at the event, Minister To Lam emphasized that with a boom of publications and social networks in the 4.0 industrial revolution, “traditional reading” and “digital reading” basically have no difference as both help people satisfy their reading needs and acquire human knowledge.

Minister To Lam and other delegates at the exhibition.

Minister To Lam asked leaders of all public security agencies and units to further attach importance to and pay more attention to promoting reading movements and develop a reading culture in their agencies and units. At the same time, each leader must be a good example of reading books, a “book lover”. He also demanded each public security officer should have passion to study, explore, create and improve their knowledge through reading books and newspapers to contribute to the building and development of a reading culture within the Public Security Forces.

By Duy Tien

Source: Public Security News

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